Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was full of drama, but there was nothing more talked about than the reunion fight when Porsha Williams attacked Kenya Moore. Both ladies sat down with Andy Cohen this week on Watch What Happens Live (separately, for everyone’s own good) to hopefully put this topic to rest.

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Porsha appeared first on the show where she maintained that she never would have left her couch to attack Kenya had Kenya not provoked her using props.

“I feel like we’re all grown woman and we can all fight with her words,” she said. “It was the fact that the props were there. I saw that she had the scepter when she sat down. And I was still fine at that moment. It wasn’t until she began to reach for me with it that it went to another level.”

Despite the fact that Porsha is facing assault charges for attacking Kenya, she doesn’t think she owes her an apology. She says that the only way she would apologize to Kenya is if Kenya apologized to her as well.

“She needs to be honest with herself and acknowledge her intention that day,” Porsha said. “I was sorry that it had to reach that point. I was sorry that that was my reaction. But more than that, I was sorry that I gave her the power to make me go and do something like that.”

One thing that Porsha and Kenya can agree on is that neither one of them owe the other an apology.

“She’s a person who is incapable of showing contrition,” Kenya said. “She’s not remorseful for what she did. And I don’t think that someone who was attacked would have to apologize for being attacked.”

Kenya also had words for her co-stars, who mostly agreed with Porsha when she said she was provoked.

“They are contrarian. Every time you look around, they say that they don’t condone violence, but they do.”

Kenya has no patience for the way that Porsha acted after she attacked her. Nor the way she accuses Kenya of being the bully in the situation.

Now that we’ve completely beaten the subject to death, it still remains to be seen whether these two will ever have to be in the same room again (besides a court room). Rumors are already circulating that Porsha’s violent outburst may have cost her her job on the show. 

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Gina Pusateri

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