This year, Hell’s Kitchen has its share of misfits who want to make it big. What better way for Ramsay to see just what they’re made of than to do evaluations. I wish he’d give letter grades tonight. I know how many “F’s” I’d give! It’s going to be a wild night as people disagree with his assessment but it will be fun to watch them fall apart.

And the Dorm Fights Begin

Upstairs, Jessica is still in tears from being put up. What’s this? Jessica accuses Kashia of picking on her? I thought the whole Red Team picked up on each other. Jessica has told so many stories, I think her teammates doubts her story this time. Girl cried wolf?

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The Challenge

Ramsay is going to test their ability to adapt. There are four covers in front of them. At the bell, each will choose an ingredient from under the dome and use it in their dish. No two contestants can have the same ingredient. Oh good! Each contestant works alone.

In protein, poor Gabriel couldn’t find one. That’s okay, someone thought duck and chicken were the same. That got straightened out fast (but left me wondering who can’t tell the difference). Rochelle is having trouble with her lobster. This could get funny quick because she doesn’t want to kill it.

Next is starch with Ralph taking what his team leaves. Kashia and Sandra have the same ingredients which they sort out quickly. The bell dings again and the chefs run for veggies. Sandra again has the same ingredient as Jessica, but neither wants to give. It’s every Red Team member for themselves. The bell sounds again and it’s a wild card ingredient. All are working diligently with two minutes left.

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The Results

Today Ramsay has a two Michelin Star chef, Michael Cimarusti to help judge on creativity, taste, presentation, and ingredients used. Chef Cimarusti digs in. Ralph and Kaisha are up against each other with Kashia winning the first round. Next up is Rochelle and Richard with Rochelle winning. Jason and Joy are up with sea bass with Jason winning this round. Gabriel and Melanie’s chicken are next with both scoring.

The women are up by one as Jessica steps up with swordfish against Anton. Anton’s look a mess but Jessica’s is overcooked. The Blue Team wins and the competition is tied. Sandra and Scott face off with a duck dish. Ramsay makes Michael decide and he goes with Red. Why so upset, men? You only have yourselves to blame.

As a reward, the ladies are going to a seaside resort. They’ll also get a beach volleyball lesson from gold medalist Kelli Walsh. The men must do the chores for the 22 servers (or was that 32?). Anyway, they will have one big mess. They must polish the servers’ shoes, iron their aprons and there is a pop and the screen goes black? Oh well, this must be the best of this episode of Hell’s Kitchen? (Maybe I should switch to Grey’s Anatomy?)

Well, we definitely have technical difficulties in my area, folks. I’m on DirecTv and the screen came up with a message saying “Sorry for the Interruption.” So while we are in the midst of the interruption, I’ll predict what happened. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The women appear to have a good day but Kashia goes off by herself and refuses to play. Jessica cries. The men do all the ironing and shoe shining while grumbling with Ralph pouting.

Worse Cooks Challenge?

And we are back after an almost 35 minute delay with the finale to the worst cooks challenge. Jessica and Richard are competing against each other as the weakest cooks to see who goes out the door. Jessica is up first presenting three dishes and is so worried that she could go home. Ramsay gives her a good job. Richard is up next with his three dishes. He nails the scallops, but messes up the risotto. With three dishes to judge, Ramsay sees pros and cons in both of their cooking. Ramsay has a difficult decision and he chooses to send home . . .

To be continued next week!


Okay – first I got around 35 minutes of black screen tonight and missed the evaluations that I really wanted to see. Then I get the program back only to see “to be continued” at the end. Well, I feel like I’ve been left out in the cold. So, for those who got to see all of the episode, please fill me in. Who had the best evaluations? Was it Anton for the men and Kashia for the women? Or did Kashia get put in her place because Sandra out talked her? I hope you will use the comments space below to tell me what happened and who you think will leave. I really wanted to see those evaluations so any help is great!

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