It’s the most important results show of the American Idol season, and this week the contestants actually want to go home. The Top 3 will each get their hometown visits, filled with pomp and circumstance, while one singer will just be going home as a loser.

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Which of the Final 4 singers will come up short? Jeff Dodge and I are once again in agreement that perpetual Bottom 2 resident Jessica Meuse will go home thanks to two bad performances this week, while Jena Irene is definitely safe after delivering the best performance of the season with “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” But could we be in for a surprise with Caleb Johnson or Alex Preston getting the boot?

THIS…is American Idol!

After a pointless recap of their dinner, we get right into the first result. Well, it looks like we’re going to have a result, but Ryan Seacrest fakes us out and goes to commercial. It’s weird, but I can’t even remember how this show ever managed to stretch these results shows into a full hour. Even at 30 minutes, it feels like there’s a lot of filler.

When the show comes back we see a Ford commercial where Jena and Caleb rock out at a record store while Jessica and Alex jam at a guitar shop.

Then Ryan brings Harry Connick, Jr. some beignets from his hometown of New Orleans. Harry puts the powder on his nose to do a Scarface impression before chucking balls of dough into the audience. At least Harry’s enjoying himself.


Randy Jackson talks a bunch of nonsensical gibberish about the performances, then it’s time for actual results.

The first singer in the Top 3 is…Jena Irene!

No surprise there, let’s go to Michigan. I may not like Randy, but he was right to declare Jena’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as one of the greatest performances in Idol history.


After another commercial break we get even more filler when the Top 4 have a pizza picnic party and talk about how crazy it’s going to be to go back home.

The second singer in the Top 3 is…Caleb Johnson!

Meh. I’m over his rocking, but he’ll be heading to North Carolina for the cocaine and hookers. And if you didn’t see it, those are the things he jokingly said he’d love most about going back home in a recent interview.


It comes down to Alex, who has never been in the bottom, and Jessica, who was in the Bottom 2 the last two times they had it. Are we heading to New Hampshire or Slapout, Alabama?

The third singer in the Top 3 is…Alex Preston!

Jessica Meuse IS ELIMINATED!

Boo. This was obvious and probably deserved, but I’d much rather see her hometown visit to Slapout than anyone else’s.

Now it’s down to Alex vs. Caleb. Which guy will get to lose to Jena in the finale?

On the bright side, Jessica gets the best parting gift imaginable: one last chance to perform her original song, “Blue-Eyed Lie” on national television. It’s such a great song, so she should have no problem getting a record deal out of this. Maybe she can get a publishing deal with Highway 65 Records, co-writing songs with Juliette Barnes.

Next week on American Idol: We head to Michigan, North Carolina and New Hampshire for hometown visits as the Top 3 each sing three songs: one chosen by one of the judges, one chosen by Randy Jackson and one reprise of a song they’ve already done chosen by their fans in their hometowns. I’m hoping for “Skyfall” and “Story of My Life” for the guys, then either “Bring Me to Life,” “Decode” or “Creep” for Jena. I would say “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” but it’s too soon to do it again. Either way, it’s important to note that three of Jena’s four best performances were at the piano. That’s her secret weapon.

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