For the first time this season, the remaining finalists gave three solo performances on American Idol. There were breakups, dedications and makeups. But who will be breaking up with the show tonight?

I’m always wary going into the results show during Top 4 week because there have been some truly shocking eliminations that have happened during this week. Granted, most of them happened in the early years of Idol (Tamyra Gray, La Toya London, Chris Daughtry), but still.

But there’s an added factor heading into tonight’s show, and that is Caleb’s controversial remarks during a recent interview where he used the R-word to describe people on Twitter. Will that hurt him? Could he be heading home as a result? Or will it not even be a factor?

I’ll get into that and much more, so let’s start right in…

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Jena Irene: Despite what I just said about the Top 4 shocking eliminations, I can’t imagine a scenario where Jena goes home after giving one of the best performances of the entire season. The only criticism I would give is toward the producers for not giving her the pimp spot, but I’ll get into that later. Jena’s first two performances ranged from good to okay, but it was her brilliant take on “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” that stole the show. Listening to her vocals, I got chills. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen because I was so absorbed in what she was singing and how she was singing it.


Caleb Johnson: Caleb’s probably not going anywhere either, but I have him in the middle only because we haven’t seen yet if his controversial remarks will hurt him with voters. It was never brought up during the show last night, so the vast majority of the Idol audience probably doesn’t even know what’s going on; only a select few, like us diehard fans who follow news like this online, know about it. He should be glad that’s the case or else this would’ve blown up into a bigger deal. (I’d still consider him the elephant in the room because we just don’t know yet how this’ll play out.) But if there is going to be any sort of a shocking elimination this week, it’ll be him. I haven’t even brought up his performances yet, so here’s some quick thoughts: he had the most solid night out of everybody and his best performance was “Maybe I’m Amazed.”


There probably won’t be a Bottom 2 tonight since there’s only four singers left. Aside from last season, the last time there was a bottom group during the Top 4 was way back in season 5, and the only reason they brought it back last year was to psych us out for the non-elimination. But if they do continue it tonight, then the Bottom 2 will consist of Alex and Jessica — or at least, that’s how we’re expecting it to play out, barring any surprises.

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Alex Preston: I can’t fault Alex for his vocals last night because he sounded good on all three songs. But when you take all the performances into consideration, Alex had the weakest and least memorable overall set of the night. The producers didn’t hide their preferences last night; it’s obvious they want Alex to stay over Jessica, and we know that because he got the pimp spot for some reason when that honor should have gone to Jena. Even though Alex has been one of my favorites during the entire season, at this point we’re left with the four best singers from the Top 13 so either way the Top 3 will consist of strong talent.


Jessica Meuse: For at least the last couple weeks, the writing has been on the wall for Jessica to leave at the Top 4. Despite closing out her set with a fantastic rendition of “You and I,” she picked the wrong songs for her first two performances; she’s not Top 40 pop/rock in the vein of Kelly Clarkson and Pink, so she made two big mistakes with song choices — of all the weeks she could have done this, she chose the week she’s most vulnerable and will likely get cut as we all expect.

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight? Are Jessica and Alex the most in danger? And the biggest wildcard question of them all — will Caleb’s controversial remarks hurt him with voters? Take the poll below and let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section.

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