The Real Housewives of Atlanta waste no time when it comes to throwing shade.

When these Georgia peaches return for season 9, Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield will get into it right away over their brand new homes. Kenya seems to have won the bet that her home, Moore Manor, will be completed first, but will Chateau Sheree end up being more fabulous?

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In Bravo’s sneak peek of the season 9 premiere, the ladies attend a party at Moore Manor. Of course, the dueling new homeowners can’t resist throwing shade at one another. It all starts when Kenya reflects on the process of building her home, leading her to bring up the many years it has taken for Sheree to complete Chateau Sheree.

“It’s been a long journey. I can’t imagine what five years feels like,” Kenya says to Sheree.

Sheree lets Kenya know that she might want to rethink starting up this feud again, because Sheree will surely put her in her place.

“This ain’t what you want, Kenya Moore,” Sheree responds in her interview.

Sheree clarifies that she has actually been working on Chateau Sheree for four years rather than five. She then says to Kenya that no matter how long she has taken on her home, hers will still be much bigger than Moore Manor.

“This whole house is the same size as my master suite,” Sheree tells Kenya.

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Kenya, however, thinks Sheree should focus more on getting her house done, rather than knocking hers.

“If she’s gonna throw stones at me, at least throw the stones from inside your house,” Kenya says.

Are you excited for the RHOA premiere? What do you think of Kenya and Sheree’s feud? Are you ready to see them fight again, or has this house drama been going on for too long? Whose house do you think will look the best? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section and in the poll below.

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