The Voice coach Miley Cyrus has surprised longtime viewers of the hit NBC reality singing competition series by demonstrating a devotion to her team members that is reportedly above and beyond that of her co-coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys.

According to a report by Us Weekly, Miley is working extremely hard to prove herself throughout season 11 and putting in extra work to make sure her team members get the most out of their experience on The Voice.

“She has a hand in choosing the hair, makeup and wardrobe for her team, and she goes to all the dress rehearsals when she’s not even paid to be there. Nobody else does that!” the insider told Us Weekly of the distinct difference between Miley’s approach and that of fellow coaches Blake, Adam and Alicia.

Is Miley The Voice‘s ‘Most Devoted Coach Ever’? 

The Us Weekly source described Miley as the “most devoted coach ever,” which is evident by the way she has difficulties separating from her team members when one is chosen to move forward and the other has to leave the competition. The former wild child and current fiancé of Liam Hemsworth cries on-camera when having to say goodbye to a competitor, even when they are not on her team!

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“She cries when she has to eliminate people,” says the Us Weekly insider of the singer. “She’s even close to the contestants’ family members now.”

When it was revealed Miley and Alicia were the latest choices to fill the coaches’ chairs for season 11, some fans were unhappy with Miley joining the show. One fan of the show even created a petition which stated “Just Say NO to Miley Cyrus on The Voice.” The disgruntled viewer remarked in their petition, “Let NBC and The Voice know that we don’t want our beloved family show turned into a Sexual Circus!”

Miley Cyrus Shows a New Side of Herself on The Voice

Still, producers of The Voice know they have a winner in Miley, whom they see in a different light than the wild-child she has been in years past. Their calculated risk proves to be advantageous not only for the series but for Miley as well, who is attempting to move away from her former persona.

“The musical expertise and energy these two incredibly talented women will bring to the show is remarkable,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late-night programming, in a statement upon the initial announcement of Miley and Alicia’s Voice debut. 

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Throughout her season 11 tenure, Miley is winning over her naysayers and earning the respect of the show’s fans. On the show’s official Facebook page, fans of the series commented that although they didn’t want to like Miley as a coach, they have changed their tune as the season progresses.

“The thing I absolutely hate most about The Voice this year is that I hate to admit that Miley Cyrus doesn’t really bother me. I wasn’t even going to watch the show this year because she was on it. I was most definitely a hater, my bad, you should always give people a chance before being negative. I expected obnoxious and I didn’t get it, I expected stupid but she’s obviously not,” said a Facebook user.

Another Facebook user commented, “I do not think that Miley is as bad as everyone says. Just look how kind she is to everyone here in The Voice. Besides she is really an amazing singer from whom lots of musicians can learn a lot.”

In fact, Miley’s reaction to a contestant’s performance of her hit song “The Climb” caused a flood of heartfelt and sentimental Twitter reactions.

“Miley respecting ‘The Climb’ I’m living,” said one Twitter user.


Another user remarked that the former teen idol’s response to a blast from her past reflected the feelings of most Voice viewers that evening.

“‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus hits me in the feels,” said another user on Twitter.


Could Miley’s devotion to her team cause her to win the season her first time as a coach? Her team members, including Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell, Darby Walker, Josh Halverson, Sophia Urista, Lauren Diaz, Josette Diaz and Maye Thomas, all appear to love her and value her opinion. Although Miley may have picked the more unusual voices of season 11, her strategy just might pay off as the show continues to push artists with a different point of view than the standard belter and crooner of years past.

Miley is the first and only coach who has been confirmed for Season 13 of the reality singing competition, which will premiere in the fall of 2017. 

What do you think? Is Miley more devoted to her team than the other coaches? Do you think her hard work will score a win for her team? Are you excited to see her back on The Voice in season 13?

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