Pitch’s “Wear It” is a turning point for Ginny. 48 hours after Ginny basically spins out of control, she’s forced to meet with a psychiatrist and figure out if she really wants to play baseball at all.

Ginny’s Past 48 Hours

Pitch’s “Wear It” begins with a doctor asking Ginny about what the last 48 hours of her life were like. And they were super stressful. There were games, press conferences, red carpets, parties, training and more. “Pretty standard,” she says.

Pitch then flashes back to 48 hours earlier. Ginny just signed a big contract with Nike and they even give her a new mitt. They show her some ideas about ads they want to do with Ginny. They’re all about breaking down barriers, and show heroes like the first woman in space, the first black president, and now Ginny.

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Meanwhile, things are going well with Amelia and Mike. He says that Ginny invited him to her party, which means she’s totally fine with him and Amelia being together. Amelia thinks he’s clueless. Ginny is absolutely not all right. In the middle of the night, Ginny has a panic attack and calls Amelia, so Amelia has to leave Mike. Ginny says she’s tired but she can’t sleep, which Amelia understands. So what’s keeping her up? Ginny wants to make a deal with someone else besides Nike, but Amelia reminds her that Nike treats her like an athlete and doesn’t sexualize her. She made the right call going with them.

Ginny’s Bad Game

Pitch flashes to the present to Ginny talking to the doctor again. She says she couldn’t fall asleep because she thought she didn’t belong on that list of heroes that Nike showed her. “I don’t deserve any of this. There I said it. Did I have a breakthrough?” she asks. She tries to avoid the doctor, but the doctor follows her and asks about the last game she started in.

Pitch flashes back to the last game she started where she and Mike get into an argument on the mound after Ginny keeps messing up. She’s having a bad game. She starts breathing heavily and he asks if she’s having a panic attack. She gets super offended because she thinks that Amelia betrayed her.

Later, Ginny gives a press conference after her bad game, and she seems pretty stressed. At the same time, Oscar, Al, and the Padres President argue over whether they should cancel Ginny’s party. They’re concerned because Ginny had a bad game, demanded that Oscar keep Blip before the trade deadline, and has been acting out. But they decide to go ahead with it.

The Party

Ginny and Evelyn get ready for Ginny’s party and Amelia brings her a gorgeous dress, but Ginny is super rude to Amelia. She tells Amelia she has to separate her work and personal life. She doesn’t want her talking to Mike about her. Amelia says that she didn’t tell Mike about her panic attack. He was just there. “Point taken,” Ginny says. She sarcastically says she should just go to Amelia for deals and pretty dresses and she shouldn’t call her anymore.

Back in the present, Ginny talks about her terrible game, but the doctor asks her about “the waitress.” So Pitch flashes back to Ginny on her red carpet at her party. She poses with Mike and is really frosty to him. Then, the waitress comes up to Ginny. Ginny thinks she wants a picture, but she just wants Ginny’s drink order.

Ginny’s still pretty upset about Amelia and Mike, but Evelyn says tonight’s about her. Mike, meanwhile, tells Amelia their relationship could cost them the game, so Amelia says they should just skip the conversation and end it. Eliot also tries to flirt with an assistant from Nike. Blip tells Mike that he’s totally on board with his relationship with Amelia and he’s happy Mike’s finally over Rachel, but Mike looks super bummed. “You just broke up with her didn’t you?” Blip asks.

Things start heating up at the party and Ginny’s takes constant pictures with the fans. Eventually though, she has to hide because she’s having another panic attack. It’s all just too much for her. The waitress, Cara, finds her and gives her a drink and Ginny downs it. Cara asks her if she wants to leave. At first she says no, but then they make their escape.

In the present, Ginny compares her life to Cara’s. She had just graduated college and just left her job that night like there were no consequences. Ginny was drafted to the Padres before she went to college. Her dad’s death made her realize she had to grab her opportunity to play while she could, so she missed out on the college experience.

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Ginny’s Night Off

The doctor asks Ginny why she changed into sneakers last night, so Pitch flashes back to Ginny and Cara driving around town and talking about how the other person’s life seems better to them. Ginny wants to do whatever Cara would do if Ginny weren’t there. Meanwhile, Amelia searches for Ginny at the party, but she’s gone.

Ginny and Cara end up at a house party. She dances, plays video games, and gets super drunk. “What else you got?” Ginny keeps asking. Eventually, Ginny decides she needs shoes and puts her sneakers on. She dunks a basketball and jumps into a pool in her fancy expensive dress. Of course, the dunk ends up online. Cara and Ginny also film a video in the bathroom together.

Amelia calls Eliot over while he attempts to flirt with the assistant again. They start driving around trying to find Ginny and see Ginny’s video of her jumping into the pool.

Again, in the present, the doctor asks Ginny why she put her sneakers on. Ginny deflects and says the Nike people wanted her to wear the glove they gave her, but her glove was the last thing her dad gave her. Again, the doctor asks why she put her sneakers on. Pitch then flashes back to Amelia and Eliot showing up to find the house empty and Ginny’s dress abandoned. Eliot, meanwhile, feels unappreciated. His job’s taking over his life and he lost his girlfriend and band because of it. So Amelia makes him Director of Social Media and gives him a raise.

Oscar, Al, and the president, meanwhile, argue over whether Ginny can really handle this life. The president decides to make a call. At the same time, Ginny and her new friends are having the time of their lives and eating fries. Ginny says she hasn’t seen the beach yet, so they decide to go to the beach!

Ginny Deals With The Aftermath

Ginny wakes up outside the stadium in Cara’s car. Despite Ginny saying she didn’t want to think about having to go in the next morning, Cara says she knew Ginny didn’t really want to miss training. Ginny thanks her for everything. Then Amelia and Eliot show up with some coffee.

Finally, the mysterious issue with the sneakers is revealed. The problem? Ginny was wearing New Balance sneakers in the video online! This was right after her Nike deal and the Nike party, which is obviously a big deal. So she has to buy 100 veterans tickets for a few games and give them Nike swag.

Ginny then goes to apologize to Oscar, Al and the president. She says she didn’t go to college and she was cramming all the partying into one night. They bring up the video, but they end up showing her a different video. Something that she didn’t know existed. In the video, Ginny and Cara are hanging out in a bathroom. At first the laughing and having a good time and Ginny says she doesn’t want to go back. Then she breaks down crying. “I just don’t want to do it anymore,” she says. “I don’t want to smile when I don’t want to smile.”

Cara didn’t put the video online. She gave it to them because she was worried. “Not every person you meet is out there to hurt you,” Amelia says. They tell her they’re here for her and they called a psychiatrist for her. She’s not fine and she needs to deal with it. Finally, Ginny agrees. So Ginny goes to talk to the doctor and Pitch comes full circle.

The doctor says that crying in the bathtub was the healthiest thing Ginny did before talking to her. Ginny says she liked being around normal girls her age. Her whole life is structured, but what if she doesn’t want to play baseball anymore? Can the first woman in the majors really quit and decide to do something else? “I’m not just me. I’m also that, that person in the ad the (in quotes) Ginny Baker. I’m not that. I’m just me. And I don’t know if I want to do this,” she says. “Hey look. The sky didn’t fall,” the doctor replies. It’s hard to reconcile the image of Ginny Baker and the real Ginny Baker. So she might try to destroy the image by putting on the wrong sneakers after signing a huge endorsement deal. Now she has to work to figure out what she really wants.

Later, Amelia goes to visit Ginny while she’s breaking in her new mitt. But Amelia has bad news. The pictures that were hacked from her ex Trevor’s computer are being released. “Okay, what else you got?” she says after taking a long breath.

Can Mike Get His Act Together?

After his breakup with Amelia, Mike gets super drunk and goes to Rachel’s house. She and her fiancée are having a party and they all see him through the window, so David invites him in.

Things are pretty awkward at the party and one of the guests asks for Mike’s picture. After everyone leaves, Mike does the dishes and talks to Rachel about David. He says he didn’t want to disrupt her life, but he’s still in love with her. “You only want me because you can’t have me and because you’re drunk,” she says. He likes chasing, but not having. He always throws things away once he has them. He asks her what to do. “Have some coffee, go home, and figure out what you really want, but sort yourself out before you drag someone else into your garbage,” he says. They almost kiss, but Mike leaves.

Do you think Ginny will leave the team? What will happen with the pictures? And will Mike and Amelia get back together?

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