Happy Halloween! What could be spookier than seeing all of the drama between the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County come to a head for the season 11 finale? Something tells me there won’t be much resolution in this group, but there’s sure to be plenty of fighting in this episode, titled “Vicious Lies and Broken Ties.”

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Happy Families

Meghan and Jim are in their St. Louis home to find out the gender of their baby. Meghan was born and raised there, so it’s really important to have her family around when she learns the news. She cuts a cake and the icing is pink, which of course means a girl. Meghan talks about how painful IVF was and how her husband wasn’t around, but it was all worth it because now she’s going to be a mommy. Let’s hope Jim is around more for the daddy part than he was for the getting pregnant part.

Vicki’s spending time with her family too, getting overly involved with Briana’s new home renovations. Sometimes, Briana just wishes her mom would take a backseat. Anyway, Vicki invites Briana to Tamra’s party. Briana says she feels like the buffer between her mom and Tamra, which she doesn’t mind so much because she loves them both. She just wishes they weren’t fighting all the time.

Shannon and David talk about what it’s going to be like having Vicki and Kelly in their home for Tamra’s party. Both of them would rather not have to deal with those ladies, but they want to support Tamra. David says he’ll just try to avoid Vicki all together.

Kelly and Michael discuss a two drink minimum (I think she means maximum) at Tamra’s party. She says that the two of them are in a better place in their relationship after her traumatic trip to Ireland.

Apology Tour

Meghan stops by Kelly’s on their way to the party. She suggests that Kelly apologize to Shannon for saying such mean things. Kelly agrees that she was harsh to Shannon, but she won’t apologize to Heather because Heather’s just meddlesome and awful. Meghan agrees that Heather’s whispering about Kelly on the bus trip in Ireland was not cool. She saw a different side of Heather that’s conniving and calculating, and she didn’t like it.

Tamra has to make a last-minute wardrobe change when Eddie gifts her her first pair of black strappy Louboutins. Get it, Tamra! She worked hard on that competition and she deserves those fancy shoes.

At the party, there’s a major disaster when Tamra’s doughnut cake collapses. Can you imagine anything worse?! How will things go on?

Somehow, they all manage to get over the tragedy of some toppled doughnuts. Vicki writes Shannon a card offering an apology and her desire to start over, but Shannon doesn’t open it. She says if Vicki has something to say to her, she should be an adult and say it to her face.

Things are awkward at the party because Shannon, Heather and Tamra are clearly ignoring Vicki and Kelly. And Meghan is floating between the two groups. It’s true that Kelly and Vicki are the worst, but if no one wanted them there, then they shouldn’t have invited them. It’s incredibly rude to ignore your party guests like that.

Meghan does tell Heather, Tamra and Shannon that Kelly did want to apologize. She just felt ganged up on in Ireland. Shannon says she wishes she had time to screw with Kelly, but there are only so many hours in a day. She also can’t believe that if Kelly wanted to apologize, she would have waited until now (more than two weeks after their trip) to do so.

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Shady Party Favors

Tamra has a little surprise for all the girls. She gives them all T-shirts with their faces in mugshot form with a list of their charges underneath. Kelly’s is “public drunkenness,” which she accepts with an appropriate sense of humor. Heather’s is “being too fancy,” Shannon’s is having “judgey eyes” and Meghan’s is “concealing a child.” So funny and cute.

But what’s Vicki’s charge? “Lying,” which doesn’t strike a funny note but rather a big old f*** you. Vicki knows Tamra is trying to bait her, so she tries to take the gift with a laugh, but she says she’s putting it in the garbage as soon as she gets home.

Kelly tries to address her awkwardness with Shannon by pulling her aside to apologize. She says she and Shannon had a miscommunication, which isn’t quite the word for what happened. Shannon points out that she’s had two weeks to apologize, and it was definitely not a miscommunication but rather Kelly making a bunch of personal and inappropriate jabs at her and her family.

Heather gets involved by saying that Kelly is insecure, and she lashes out when she’s angry and hurts people. Kelly says that’s not true, that Heather’s the insecure one, and that’s why she tries to get in everyone’s business. Heather assures her that that’s not the case. She also adds in a snide “I really wanted to like you” to Kelly.

Vicki tries to get away, but Heather tells her not to move. Vicki says that Heather can’t tell her what to do. This is where Tamra finally loses it. She tells Vicki that she needs to stop talking about people. She dated someone awful and now she’s going after everyone else’s husbands for revenge. Vicki tells Tamra that she needs to stop talking about her too. Tamra says she won’t talk about her anymore because Vicki no longer exists in her world. That’s harsh.

Vicki tries to leave, but Shannon still has yet to say her piece. She tells Vicki that she had a great time in Ireland, but then she realized she was just getting back in bed with the devil when she heard what Vicki said about her husband. Vicki claims that she wasn’t lying, that she’s truly worried about Shannon, which is the biggest crock of you-know-what ever uttered by this woman. Shannon assures her that she’s fine, there’s no need to worry, but the two of them are done. Forever.

After that conversation, Shannon feels like she has some closure. This year has been about creating friendships with people that will last a lifetime, but it was also about taking out the garbage.

Tamra is telling Eddie how done she is with Vicki when an emotional Briana comes up to her to try to get her to talk to her mom. Poor Briana is caught in the middle, once again, and being forced to side with the person she knows is wrong but who also happens to be her mother.

Vicki tells Tamra that she’s sorry for repeating a rumor, but she maintains she didn’t start it. Tamra says repeating a rumor is just as bad as starting it. She says she needs to stop spreading vicious lies. Vicki says that she wasn’t lying about Shannon, and she’s really worried for her. Tamra can’t listen anymore. She says Shannon is fine, but Vicki’s a bitch, and she walks away.

On the way home, Vicki says that she’s tried to apologize and get along with the women, but they’ve shown their true colors. She says she’s tired of being accused of wrongdoings.

Then we find out that Vicki and Steve are still together, and poor Briana has been diagnosed with lupus. Briana is a constant light in a mess of pettiness, and it’s really sad to hear. She and her family deserve all of the good things and I wish her nothing but the best.

Next time, get ready for part one of the season 11 reunion!

What did you think of the season? Will Kelly be invited back or get the one-season ax?

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