Two of this summer’s biggest dramas, the returning Extant with Halle Berry and Zoo, based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson, have begun on CBS. And if you’re not convinced they are worth watching, ask those in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 as they got a peek at this year’s seasons with two exclusive previews.

This season of Extant promises to re-engage repeat viewers and bring in new ones as well. At the Comic-Con panel for show, Executive Producer Mickey Fisher stated that this season will have a “whole new energy” and if the reception of the crowd was any indication, they were already feeling it. Fisher continued to say that they wanted the show to have a place for new watchers as well.

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Molly Falls Apart – JD Picks Up the Pieces

New this season is the character of JD Richter played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. When questioned about his role as JD Richter on the series, Morgan said that he enjoys playing JD because he is very relatable. He is flawed, and has a rough backstory. He has a failed marriage and he drinks too much. “He has problems with the system and in the middle of this he finds Molly Woods.”

Molly Woods (Berry) has begun this series in the hospital with some believing that she is going crazy. Fisher said that one of the purposes of bringing in JD’s character, is to provide a way to share more of Molly’s backstory and ask the questions that the audience would want answered. Also new to the cast is David Morrissey playing Tobias, the head of Global Security Commission which is in charge of protecting against global threats … and invasions.

The teaser video shares some Extant spoilers including the death of a major character, Molly coming to her breaking point and the emergence of even more red-eyed terror monsters.


Extant airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm on CBS.

You’ll Never See Your Local Zoo the Same Way

While Zoo has been a best-selling novel by James Patterson, the new series as actually only loosely based on the book. However, Patterson has been very involved the show. In front of the Comic-Con crowd, Executive Producer, Josh Applebaum shared his high hopes and expectation for a second season. “By the end of the first season things really start to heat up. Halfway through the season and at the end, it’s on.”

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The Animals Aren’t Real – or are They?

In an separate interview with TVLine, the actors of the new series gave away a few secrets of the show including that while they did work with live animals on the show, they didn’t work with as many as you see on TV. They also said that they worked with a bunch of stuffed animals for show. If those stuffed animals look pretty real to you, that’s because they were replaced with CGI animals in editing. While the pilot of the show came across a little slow, this preview shows that Patterson has a lot more in store for us including animal attacks from what we consider tame animals and a strange mutation that jumps from the animal kingdom to the human one. Creepy.

Zoo airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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