As the pack searches for Tracy in this episode of Teen Wolf, “Dreamcatchers,” they begin to uncover that the supernatural world may not be as rigid as it may seem. As Scott, Stiles and Malia look for answers on what she is, Lydia and Kira investigate why the werewolf went on a killing spree.

Sing it with me: at last, the ladies of Teen Wolf get to shine. I’ve lamented in the past how Lydia, Kira and Malia were sidelined (for Scrappy Doo, nonetheless!), but here’s an episode that wisely focuses on our trio of supernatural women looking for another supernatural girl, Tracy. The sharp focus on the ladies in this episode reminds me of the fact that Teen Wolf‘s memory is improving. I mentioned in the previous recap that it has a very specific memory, where it often brings in its history for a self-aware joke of some sort.

But here, history is brought up that’s very integral to the show. Malia being nervous when she’s learning how to drive is remembered because she was involved in a horrific car accident. Stiles immediately understands that Tracy is, in fact, a kanima, the big bad supernatural creature from season 2. Mason and Kira even acknowledge that there’s another pack in town! What a time to be alive watching as Teen Wolf matures.

No, seriously, what a time to be alive on Teen Wolf. Last season’s Deadpool arc was disappointing, to say the least (easily the worst season, IMO), but if the show can keep up this momentum (and balance its new characters with the often overlooked ladies), then it’s already shaping up to be a fun season of Teen Wolf.

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Finding Tracy

The pack and the Sheriff’s Department are trying to find Tracy, the girl suffering from night terrors who has been experimented on as a werewolf by the Three Doctors. See, Tracy kind of went on a killing spree on her psychiatrist and father for an unknown reason — really, I’m not exactly sure why she murdered these people except night terrors.

Tracy, in her weird state, tracked down her father to a  prison transport van carrying Donovan, aka the wannabe deputy who seriously threatened to kill the sheriff. Donovan’s also been experimented on by the Three Doctors via a drill to the ear, just so you know. Just in case you were wondering if the Teen Wolf writers have lost their touch, I’m here to inform you of the verdict: nope. These peeps can still think up horrifying imagery that will give you a night terror. 

But where, oh where would this werewolf be after a killing spree? At school. That’s right — Tracy showed up to school to the wrong class barefoot like it was nothing. And no one at Beacon Hills noticed except Liam. Remember when the Argents were in charge of the school? That crap would not have happened under their watch. 

So the pack, sans Lydia and Kira (and Liam, who’s off on another adventure), takes Tracy to the animal clinic for a pow wow with Deaton, who remains aloof but for the first time in the dark on all things supernatural. Translation: Deaton doesn’t know what Tracy is and why she’s spitting a silvery, mercury-like substance from her mouth. But he also knows that something is crawling under her spine, like a snake.

And suddenly, her spine splits open, puking a black substance on the faces of Scott and Deaton just as Stiles figures out what Tracy is: she’s a kanima. Remember kanimas? The lizard-like creatures who are controlled by masters and whose venom causes paralysis from the neck down? If you don’t, then it’s time to watch season 2, Teen Wolf fans.

Anyway, Tracy’s transitioning into a kanima, for unknown reasons, or maybe she’s been given a kanima tail from the doctors — either way, it allows her to cross the mountain ash that no supernatural creature can pass (only Scottie McCall that one time). And she’s left Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Malia paralyzed to boot.

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Liam’s off on a mission with the newly-recruited Mason (whose membership to the Inner Circle is still up for debate) to find Tracy’s alpha. After all, how was Tracy made a werewolf? The show remembers (squee!) that there’s actually another pack in the county, one that made the Deadpool list last season, meaning it’s time for an appearance from the hot lacrosse-playing werewolf Brett (whose name I had to look up) to check if Tracy’s a part of that pack. Brett says no (while fulfilling the shirtlessness count for the show, god bless) but offers to help the search once Liam realizes he may know where Tracy was being kept: in a pit in the woods.

Lydia and Kira team up to investigate Tracy’s house, where they find a dreamcatcher, scary drawings and another way to reuse that set! Lydia and Kira determine that Tracy’s offing the people who knew about her night terrors — her psychiatrist, her dad and now … Lydia’s mother, who is about to have her first date with Sheriff Stilinski (and real-life husband!).

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All Hail Malia Tate

Lydia and Kira rush to the sheriff’s office, where yet again the entire office is paralyzed and helpless in the face of supernatural creatures. Earlier, Parrish joked that they should put Scott on the payroll. Given the mortality rate in the Sheriff’s Department, they’re going to have to eventually.

To help her mother escape, Lydia slows down the monster by getting herself stabbed (it’s not as damsel-in-distress as it sounds), while Kira gets to show off her bad-ass kitsune powers. We rarely get to see Kira in full form, but it is glorious as she takes down Tracy by cutting off her venomous tail. While Kira’s attending to Lydia, it’s up to Malia to save the day.

But isn’t she paralyzed, you say? Oh, ye of little faith. I’m getting there; just let me gush about Malia for a moment.

If this is anyone’s episode, it’s Malia Tate’s (er, Hale). Malia had a rough go at life — she accidentally morphed into a were-coyote when she was 8 and killed her mother and sister before spending the next eight years as a coyote in the wild. Because of this, Malia has poor social skills, a fourth grade education and a survivalist instinct that lands her in more trouble than she’d like.

After being sent to a mental institution for being lost for so long, Malia has more than enough problems. She’s got Peter Hale as a father (rough) and a murderous, mysterious “Desert Wolf” as a mother. And she’s just trying to be a regular teen again when she has the maturity of a coyote and an 8-year-old girl. 

Malia has always been shown to be the one willing (if not enthusiastically) to resort to violence. She voted for ending Tracy’s life earlier and now it’s up to her to save it. Malia’s the first and only one to overcome the kanima venom by healing herself. It’s an awesome hero moment (and funny, too, since Stiles can’t see it) for Malia before she has to decide if she’s actually a hero.

Down in the basement of the Sheriff’s Department, it comes down to the fact that Malia is a hero. She can’t bring herself to kill Tracy, instead trying to reason with her that all of this is not a dream. And almost immediately, she sees the sadness in being a hero who can’t save someone. The Three Doctors arrive to “terminate” Tracy with mercury poisoning and whisk her off, leaving a stunned Malia. 

Don’t you love seeing these girls have so much to do? So much of it is related to character work and not them being the girlfriends of Scott and Stiles (though that’s okay too) and it’s magnificent. Keep it up, Teen Wolf.

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Other Thoughts

  • Friends, do you see all of the Buffy parallels? Does it make you as nostalgic for Buffy as I am?
  • Scott McCall grades update: an 86 on that bio exam. That’s a very good and realistic grade for Scott. I feel so proud of him and also so worried to see how he’ll balance school and werewolf duties.
  • Where is coach?
  • Shirtlessness count: 1. Though my math is bad.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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