In the previous episode of Stitchers, Marta reached out to Kirsten in an attempt to keep her safe. Unfortunately, Marta died — or so we were told, though we never saw a body — before she could tell Kirsten what she knew about the Stitchers program. Meanwhile, Maggie met with her boss and was told that she could spin whatever story she wanted, as long as she did not tell Kirsten the truth about the program. And Cameron told Kirsten that her repeated sightings of the same teddy bear in different stitches could mean that the memory actually belongs to her.

In the sixth episode, “Finally,” the team investigates a deadly car accident and the case brings up old memories for Kirsten. Meanwhile, Kirsten asks Linus to look into a message that Ed left for her, and Maggie’s mysterious boss pays Kirsten a visit.

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Kirsten is Exposed to a New Treatment

The team is still reeling from Marta’s death, but they have a new case to focus on. Dani Fox, a medical researcher, was killed after she ran her car into a wall. Kirsten is confused as to why they are investigating a supposed car accident, but Maggie says they investigate the cases they are told to look into.

Kirsten stitches into Dani’s mind and is pulled all over the place to memories based around the study Dani was working on. Dani and her boss, Dr. Zuber, were working on technology that could help speed up the recovery time from brain injuries. During the stitch, Kirsten only sees memories of Dani at work and at home with her sister. Kirsten learns that Dani was keeping a secret from her sister and that she was arguing with her colleagues over their study. In Dani’s last memory, Kirsten sees that something went wrong with Dani’s car and it caused her to crash. Kirsten realizes that the crash was not an accident and Camille figures out that someone remotely hacked into the car’s computer, thereby making Dani’s death a murder.

Kirsten and Cameron go to the lab Dani worked at to talk to her partner, Dr. Zuber. Kirsten claims she is there for treatment — luckily, she has an actual traumatic brain injury to talk about — and Zuber questions her about what happened. She explains that she was in a car accident 15 years ago and that she has no memories of the time before the accident. Zuber agrees to treat her and they arrange an appointment for the next day.

Needless to say, Maggie is not pleased that Kirsten agreed to this treatment. But Kirsten says she can handle it and that Dani’s memories suggested that the treatment does not work, so she will not be in any danger. Maggie is not convinced, but she agrees to let Kirsten go undercover if Kirsten wears a wire.

The next day, Kirsten goes in for her first treatment. Dr. Zuber asks her questions about the car accident and her brain injury. He determines she is a good candidate for the study and wants to get started right away. While the team listens in, Kirsten goes through her first treatment. She is able to recall the accident, but she has trouble accessing any memories from before it. But as the treatment continues, she starts talking about memories of her parents.

Of course, when the team tries to comfort Kirsten after the memories she experienced, Kirsten claims she did not remember anything and she made all that stuff up in order to keep Zuber interested. He is desperate to believe the treatment works, but Kirsten knows that it does not because she saw a memory of Dani confronting Zuber, and she knows Dani was going to reveal that their tech does not work.

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Kirsten is Caught

That night, Kirsten breaks into the lab to try to get proof that Zuber killed Dani to stop her from revealing that his treatments are not working. But Zuber catches her and tries to use his technology to kill her. Zuber puts Kirsten back into his treatment machine and she is flooded with memories, including one of being submerged in what looks like an early version of the Stitchers tech. The team arrives in time to save Kirsten from Zuber.

At the end of the episode, Kirsten goes to see Dani’s sister. Apparently, the secret Dani was keeping from her is that she rented out space for her sister to open a bakery. Dani wanted it to be a surprise.

Kirsten Meets with Maggie’s Boss

Kirsten is still asking questions about the Stitchers program, so Maggie calls her boss, Les Turner. Les shows up at Kirsten’s home for a chat. He says he got in her home because Ed once gave him a key. But Kirsten points out that it is now her house and she makes it clear that she does not want Les there. Kirsten asks him if the murder cases they investigate are test-runs for something bigger — the real purpose of the Stitchers program — and Les admits that is true. However, he claims he does not know what the real purpose is.

Kirsten doubts that the director of the program would not know what it’s really about, but Les claims that is common practice for clandestine organizations. No one person knows all the details of the program, as a way to keep the program and those working on it safe. Les goes on to say that Kirsten needs to trust that the people who care about her are just trying to keep her safe. Kirsten does not seem to buy into Les’ claims, but she does take the opportunity to ask if Ed’s death was a suicide. Les confirms that it was not and says Ed died protecting her.

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What Message Does Ed Have for Kirsten?

After Marta’s funeral, Camille finds Kirsten listening to the tape Ed left for her. Camille starts to listen too and they both hear strange tones on the recording. Kirsten realizes the tones are repeating and that they might be some kind of message Ed left for her.

Kirsten has Linus look into the tones on the recording to see if he can decipher Ed’s message. Once Linus figures out the coded message, he tells Kirsten that it is coordinates. Those coordinates take Kirsten to her mother’s resting place, and there she finds what looks like a key. Where will this key lead and why did Ed leave her all of these clues instead of simply telling her what he needs her to know?

Other Happenings

— Cameron gets a visit from the woman his neighbor was spying on. She realizes Cameron is not the man who sent her groceries and that he was only posing as his neighbor. At first, she is furious, but she stops by later to apologize and ask if they can start over. Cameron is good with that.

— Camille and Kirsten take another step forward in their relationship, though they are still not at the ‘talk about our feelings’ stage. At the beginning of the episode, Camille is still shaken up by Maggie’s death, so she decides to sleep in Kirsten’s room for the night. By the end of the episode, Kirsten is looking for that same comfort and Camille lets her spend the night in her room. I appreciate that the show is taking the time to build up the relationship between these two. It will make the pay-off of their eventual friendship all the more satisfying.

What did you think of this episode of Stitchers? How creepy is it that Les just showed up at Kirsten’s house? Why is he so determined to keep Kirsten from learning the truth? What is Ed trying to get Kirsten to remember? Does it have anything to do with Maggie, given Maggie’s connection to Kirsten’s parents? Do you trust that Maggie has Kirsten’s best interests at heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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