In the previous episode of Extant, we learned that Molly and John lost custody of Ethan, John died and Molly wound up in a mental hospital. When she heard reports of mysterious deaths that sounded a lot like the death of Katie Sparks, Molly broke out of the hospital to investigate. It was then she met the cop working the case, JD Richter. Since Molly was the only lead he has so far, JD pulled some strings to get Molly released into his custody for 72 hours so he can get her help with the case. And the final moments of the episode showed us that Molly’s supposedly dead alien son is alive and well, albeit having aged into adulthood.

In the second episode of season 2, “Morphoses,” Molly and JD find another pregnant woman suffering from mysterious and deadly symptoms. Meanwhile, Julie resorts to extreme measures to deal with Ethan’s behavioral problems, Molly begins to question her own sanity and the hunt for Molly’s alien son continues.

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Molly Fails to Save a Life

After JD hears Molly’s alien theory, he is ready to drop her back at the hospital, but she reminds him that she is the only chance he has in solving this case. Molly explains that she knew about his victim because she knew an astronaut who had similar symptoms before her death. Once again, Molly mentions alien life and JD is still not buying into it.

JD and Molly talk to the doctor who examined the victim before she died. The doctor did not get a blood sample, but he points them toward another pregnant woman with similarities to the victim. Upon meeting her, Molly can instantly tell that she is lying about the father of her child. Molly tries to get the woman to admit that she is lying, but all she will confirm is that she may have had a one-night stand. She refuses to say anything more and risk her husband finding out.

Later that night, Molly drugs JD so she can go back and question the woman again. This time, she admits that the baby is not her husband’s and she asks Molly what is happening to her. Molly manages to convince the woman that she is in danger because of her pregnancy, but the woman does not want to terminate. Unfortunately, Molly’s attempts to help this woman come too late. She and JD learn that the woman died after something exploded out of her stomach. How many possible alien-human hybrid kids are out there now? Is Molly’s son the only one that survived?

Molly is in Danger

After meeting with the pregnant woman, Molly experiences a terrible migraine, hallucinates and apparently blacks out. When she wakes up, she is back home with no memory of how she got there. Molly’s disappearing act has convinced JD that he needs to get her back to the hospital so she can continue treatment. But Molly manages to give JD the slip again. At least this time JD has a tracker on her so he can see where she is going.

While Molly and JD work the case, Molly’s General friend, Toby, is trying to hunt down Molly’s alien son. After one mission fails to take the alien out, Toby is told to authorize a drone strike on U.S. soil, even though it will likely result in civilian casualties. Once Molly’s son is spotted at a bar, Toby orders his people to strike but hesitates when he sees that Molly is also in that same bar. But as the episode ends, Toby orders his people to launch.

Julie’s Team Blows a Test

Hilarie Burton begins a guest-starring role in this episode. Her character, Anna, is one of the people overseeing Julie’s work and she arrives at the lab to push Julie into moving up the timeline of Lucy’s development. (Lucy is the female Humanich we saw last season.) Julie explains that doing so could be dangerous, but Anna wants to see a test by the next day.

Julie works her staff to the bone to get them ready for the test. The test seems to go just fine until Ethan interferes and Lucy injures one of people at the lab. But it turns out that this is a good thing in Anna’s eyes. She says it would be good for the next breed of Humanichs to be stronger and faster than humans. Julie is not happy about any of this, but Anna threatens to take Ethan away from her if Julie cannot handle him and get her program under control.

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Has Julie Erased Ethan’s Memories of Molly?

Ethan is still upset about being taken from his parents. He is lashing out at Julie and ignoring her attempts to connect with him. She has not told him about Molly’s condition, so Ethan does not understand why he can’t just go home.

Ethan is so distraught that he attempts to kill himself. He tells Julie that he overheard her conversation with Anna where Anna threatened to take Ethan away from Julie if Julie did not deliver results. He has already lost his parents, but if he loses Julie and his friends at the lab, he will be all alone. Julie manages to talk him out of hurting himself.

Later, Ethan tells her that if what he has been feeling is pain, he does not want to feel it anymore. Julie says there is a way she can take his pain away, if he wants. Julie goes into Ethan’s neural network and starts altering his mind. The next time we see him, Ethan is calling Julie “mom.”

What did you think of this episode of Extant? Do you think Julie reprogrammed Ethan to help him, or did she do it just to get the family she’s always wanted? What do you think is really happening to Molly? Is Molly suffering from cosmic radiation syndrome or are all of her symptoms related to her alien son still being alive? Was the child Molly hallucinated real? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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