On this episode of Suits, “No Refills,” Mike finds himself locked in a power struggle with his new co-counsel, Robert Zane, Jack Soloff and Harvey wage war against one another, and Louis becomes collateral damage. Harvey has another panic attack.

Harvey just can’t catch a break. Thanks to Louis, the entire firm wants to start their own “Occupy Pearson Specter Litt” protest. Harvey’s newest nemesis, Jack Soloff, was successful with hitting Harvey where it really hurts, his wallet. Donna is still playing hard to get, and Jessica wants Harvey to make nice with Jack, a partner whose influence is “on the rise.” Harvey isn’t one for ass- kissing, but Jessica tells him she’s in no mood for a power struggle, so Harvey needs to pucker up.

Power Players

On the Rachel and Mike front, Mike agreed to sign the prenup but after a heart-to-heart with Jessica, she refused. No hard feelings though, because Robert agreed to help Mike out with his big bleeding heart insurance case. The one Jessica told Mike to drop because she views it as a financial sinkhole.

Rachel is worried that the two most important men in her life are going to wind up hating each other. Mike tells her that, if he’s lucky, he’ll be fighting with Robert Zane about a lot of things for years to come. But that won’t diminish his affection for the man, and he’d rather their first fight be one when they’re both on the same side. 

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Just because Mike found a way around Jessica’s objection that taking the Kelton case by taking on Robert Zane as co-counsel to defray the cost ineffective, doesn’t make his boss a happy camper. She still thinks the case is a loser. Mike insists it isn’t, and even if it turns out he’s wrong, by including Zane, he’s eradicated the downside. Jessica points out he still went behind her back to their biggest competitor, whom she doesn’t trust, and she warns Mike he’s foolish if he trusts Robert. Mike has invited a wolf into the hen house.

Mike offers to call the whole thing off, but Jessica says it’s too late for that. If she backs down, she looks weak. Jessica decides to deal with Robert directly just so he knows who the cock in this particular hen house is. She reminds Robert that this is her firm’s case, and they’ll be taking half of the contingency. Robert counters that he’ll give her one third since he’s footing the bill.

Jessica doesn’t care about the money. Her primary concern is keeping Robert in check, so she makes it clear that for the duration of this case, Robert will treat Mike like a partner. Robert scoffs at the idea, but Jessica insists that Mike’s representing the firm, and in turn, her. If Robert doesn’t like the terms, he can walk out the door. It’s Jessica’s way or the highway.

Batman Loses His Robin

Harvey acquiesces to Jessica’s request to try and play nice with Soloff, but it’s too little, too late. Harvey sets up a golf game between Soloff and Charles Barkley, but Soloff isn’t the slightest bit wooed. Soloff knows that Harvey is sucking up because he’s proven he’s someone to be reckoned with. Harvey urges Soloff to take the gesture, but Soloff, clearly high on a power trip, didn’t get the same play nice memo from Jessica that Harvey did. Soloff is holding a mighty big grudge over Harvey’s past slights.

Harvey goes to Mike to talk strategy and finds his partner in crime is too busy for him. Mike tells him about the Kelton case, and Harvey is dumbfounded that Mike didn’t authorize it with him. Things go from bad to worse when Harvey learns Mike is working with Robert Zane.

Harvey may not have Mike, and he may not have Donna, but he’s got his new go-to girl, Gretchen. She does some poking around and scores some information that helps Harvey poach one of Soloff’s biggest clients. Turns out the guy is a HUGE Charles Barkley fan, and Harvey is tight with some very big ballers. Harvey promises Soloff that if he doesn’t back down, Harvey is just getting started.

Robert may have told Jessica he’d treat Mike as an equal partner, but things are off to a less than auspicious start. Robert withholds from Mike that the money funding the case is coming from a hedge fund, and he undermines Mike in front of the opposing attorney’s by referring to him as his “associate.”

The War Rages On

Jack Soloff goes running to Jessica and orders her to get her dog, Harvey, on a leash. He tells her Harvey stole is client, but Jack’s only proof is that his client decided to make a change after meeting a sports legend. Jack says he doesn’t need proof, he knows what Harvey did. Jessica points out that she knows what he and Louis did to get their compensation resolution passed, and if she had proof, they’d be conducting Jack’s exit interview.

In another very unwise move, Soloff insinuates that maybe Jessica shouldn’t be in control of the firm if she can’t keep Harvey in check. Jessica makes it clear that she’s Team Harvey all the way. Soloff warns her that he’s got the support of the other partners since he just put a whole lot more money in their bank accounts, but Jessica warns Soloff he can only pull so many shady maneuvers to get things done. Jessica tells him if he wants to take her on, go right ahead.

Louis, suffering from a guilty conscious, tells Soloff he has no further part to play in Soloff’s war with Harvey. Partly because of the disapproving redhead who sits just outside his office.

Unfortunately, for Louis, Soloff has something over him, and he wants Louis to help him take another run at Harvey. Louis refuses, but if Soloff reveals that Louis is the one who made Harvey’s salary public knowledge, there will be no more Litt in Pearson Specter and Litt.

Donna Learns an Ugly Truth

Donna overhears the conversation and takes Louis to task for putting her in a bad position. She tells him that Harvey came to her asking her to admit she knew about Louis’ scheme. Donna is upset that she had to lie and compromise her integrity.

Louis then decides to tell Donna about his fight with Harvey, and how her former boss promised that he was coming for what Louis values most: her. Louis promises to never put her in a compromising position again and begs her not to leave him. Donna assures him she’s not going anywhere.

Donna confronts Harvey and asks him what makes him think that even if she did leave Louis, why would she ever come back to him?

Robert Takes Control

The tension between Robert and Mike reaches a fever pitch. The insurance company wants the case dismissed, and Robert wants to schedule a hearing and make sure the judge orders that the case go straight to trial.

Mike wants to wait due to a pending bill that lifts the cap on punitive damages, which could drastically affect how much money goes to his plaintiffs.

Robert doesn’t think the bill will pass and wants to capitalize on the pending contract negotiations for the insurance company’s CEO. Once the CEO learns his name could be in the paper attached to the deaths of 200 people during his renegotiation, Robert’s sure they’ll get a tidy settlement.

Robert is going to pursue the course of action he feels is best and doesn’t care what Mike thinks. He may have told Jessica he’d treat Mike like a partner, but he never had any intention of doing so. 

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Harvey Suffers More Attacks

Harvey and Jessica get into a heated argument during which Harvey reveals he’s pissed that Jessica brought Robert Zane into the firm without discussing it with him. He accuses her of orchestrating a situation that could result in Mike leaving the firm to work with Robert. Jessica sees through the bullshit and calls Harvey out on his abandonment issues. First Donna left him, and now he’s terrified Mike will be the next to go. As Jessica tells Harvey he has no choice but to put Soloff down, Harvey begins to have another panic attack.

He heads back to his office, where Mike is waiting, and after seeing Harvey losing his shit, wants to call an ambulance. There’s no way Harvey’s going to let himself be seen being carried out on a stretcher, so he tells Mike it’s anxiety.

Soloff saunters in, because Harvey’s not having a bad enough day, and informs his rival that he wants to wipe out contingent compensation altogether. Mike points out that this course of action is allowable under the bylaws, but Soloff says he has Louis’ backing. Soloff tells Harvey he either gives him his client back, or Harvey will be billing hours along with the rest of the grunts.

Harvey pulls it together in time to call Soloff’s bluff. Harvey promises that by the time Soloff’s resolution comes to a vote, Harvey will have all of his clients. Harvey promises he’s already got the ball rolling which he doesn’t. But Mike, finally realizing in what bad shape Harvey’s in, promises to make Harvey’s threat convincing enough to get Jack to back off.

Cease Fire

Harvey shows up at his shrink’s house for an impromptu therapy session. A little role playing, with the doctor playing the role of Donna reveals that Donna’s decision to work for Louis was akin to her sticking a knife in his gut and twisting it. All that makes him want to do, is return the favor.

Mike and Robert pull together and manage a small professional victory and come to a new understanding regarding their working relationship. For now.

Hopefully, we’ll see a little more movie-dialogue banter between Harvey and Mike since Mike looks to be spending more time with Harvey in the future. Working with Robert Zane has made him appreciate his mentor that much more.

Oh, and Louis. Yeah, he’s still on Harvey’s shit list and not likely to get off any time soon.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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