Former Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell may not be out of work for long.  TV Guide is reporting the spunky starlet may be up for the role of a new possible season regular in ABC’s mega hit Lost.  Bell joining the cast of Lost would be ironic, since Veronica Mars‘ first season had the misfortune of being positioned against Lost in its first season. Be careful, minor spoilers are ahead.

According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, Kristin Bell is in talks to take the role of Charlotte, a character recently announced as a potential series regular.  The assumption is that Charlotte is one of the ‘not Penny’s boat’ people.  There is absolutely no concrete information to support this.  Other possibilities would include a Lostie we haven’t been introduced to yet, an ‘Other’ we have yet to meet, or a character from sect we have yet to be introduced to.

The casting call distributed for Charlotte describes the character as “Very attractive in a naturalistic, athletic way, her looks are only one small part of charms. Precocious, loquacious, and funny, Charlotte a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world. On a personal level, it is hard to crack the hard shell of poise and certainty around her, but when it does crack, it’s like an egg; lots of repressed and pent up emotions spill out.”

It would not be uncommon for this information to be a complete rouse.  Lost producers have been savvy to spoiler fans utilizing casting calls as sources  for the past few seasons and have on occasion loaded the character descriptions and sides with purposefully misleading information.

Bell has proven through both Pulse and the low budget thriller Roman that she is more than capable of handling dark material.  As for Veronica Mars, no one will doubt that her work with that character qualifies her for the rest of the character attributes.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TV Guide, Michael Ausiello
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