Previously on Big Brother 8, Nick went home, a banner outed Eric, Daniele won HoH, Jen and Kail were nominated, but there’s a plan to backdoor Eric.  It’s like you didn’t even need to watch Sunday’s show.

Kail keeps hoping that Daniele sticks to her guarantee about not being evicted.  Yeah, sorry Kail, but that’s not a promise she can keep.  Dick crows about how the nominations are definitely sticking, and now he’s just taking pleasure in taunting Jen just for the fun of it, since these are obviously lies.  By the end of this episodes, some things (Dick verbally abusing fellow HGs) will stay the same, while others (the object of his anger) will change.  He’s growing as a person in much the same way the continents are drifting apart, so slowly it’s imperceivable.

See Ya Later, Night Crew

Dick and Daniele’s secret plan to backdoor Eric spreads from Jessica to Dustin and Amber.  They can’t believe this, and side together, claiming a team of five, with Jameka, who isn’t even there at the time.  It seems as though the daddy/daughter duo have destroyed the Late Night Crew, alienating everyone else in their alliance.  Dustin claims the game is officially, really underway.

Eric claims his quintet is 15 steps ahead of everyone else.  He’s too cocky, especially for someone who really can’t play the game because of that pesky America’s Player thing.  It’s a shame, because I get the impression he might do well if left to his own devices.  Speaking of America’s Player, his task is to promise to take Jessica to the final two, which he of course does because they’re BFFs.  His new task: who to flatter to win their vote.

Everybody Hates…Everybody

Zach talks to Daniele, because he has no friends in the house, and they at least have the shared experience of liking Nick.  Dick says everyone hates Jen and Kail and no one wants them there.  Eric claims everybody now wants Dick and Daniele gone, that they’ve dug their own graves.  It seems as though everyone in the house is the one everyone else hates.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The Power of Veto competitors (Daniele, Kail, Jen, Zach, Dustin and Jameka) must bid on various items.  The person who bids the highest must do it.  The person who bids the lowest is out.  This sounds easy, but there are some major implications for the rest of the game involved:

-First, how many hours will they wear a bunny suit for, from 0 to 120 hours?  Zach, Jen, Daniele and Kail all bid the maximum, Dustin is eliminated.
-Over the next 24 hours, how many times are you willing to dump a funky substance on your head, between 0 and 24?  Everyone goes the maximum, so they’re all dumping funk.
-How much of $10,000 will you take?  This time, the highest number is gone, but they still get the money.  Everyone says zero.
-Over the next 30 days, how many hours will you stay on slop, between 0 and 720 hours?  Kail and Jen go the max, and are on slop for 30 days.  Zach, the low man, gets eliminated.
-Of the next five HoH competitions, how many will you NOT participate in? Kail and Jameka go the max, so they can’t play for five times.  Daniele, picking three, is eliminated.
-Final task: how much of the grand prize for the show, worth $500,000, will you give up, up to half?  Jen is the only one going for the max, and gives up half the winnings if she wins the whole thing.  She says she’s in it just for the game, not the money, and it’s hard not to believe her.

Veto Fallout

Kail sums it up best: she’s wearing a bunny suit for five days, getting funked 24 times, eating slop for 30 days, and not playing in the next five HoH competitions, and she has nothing to show for it.  She’s like the female Job of the house.  Jameka cries because she suddenly realizes what a big deal not playing for five HoH competitions is.  She’s effectively out of the game for five weeks, half the time left.  She prays, and the Big Brother team pipes in that organ music again.  In the funniest moment of this season so far, while she’s praying, Jen walks into screen in her costume and pleads for a white belt to go with her bunny suit.

In retrospect, this may not be as huge a penalty as they think.  By not being able to compete, they are instantly no threat whatsoever in the house.  Since Daniele claimed she put Kail up because she was a threat, this will hopefully gain Kail a level of safety (assuming she’s not evicted).  Of course, this requires Daniele to use logic, so all bets are off.

The Furry and the Funk

Danele and Jen somehow bond, and it could just be the bunny suit that makes everyone nicer.  Jen’s using the veto, and Daniele makes her promise not to vote out Kail.  Jen squeals in delight when discovering the target is Eric.  Then, in the weirdest twist ever, Dick calls a truce with Jen and apologizes.  WHAT!?!  Some could say it’s a strategy, others may claim the producers talked some sense into him in the Diary Room, but I say it’s the bunny suit.  That thing is so darn cute how can you not love whoever is in it?

Dick’s lies suddenly become larger than his ego.  Not only is he certain that Eric has been the mastermind of this entire house since day one (which is just dumb, not a lie), he goes to Jessica and tells her Jen told him that Eric has been playing both sides.  Jen confirms the story, and Jessica is possibly the easiest dupe ever.  Luckily Jameka and Dustin aren’t so stupid, and tell Jessica point blank that they’re not buying what Dick and Jen are selling. 

The HGs keep dropping funk throughout the day, and it’s almost as hilarious as when they talk in the Diary Room while wearing the bunny suits.  Thank you, Big Brother, for giving us this gift.  In the middle of the screaming and name-calling, you give us bunnies and funk.

Dick is 100% Wrong

Dick plays the role of Pot by calling Kettle Eric a liar.  Dick is 100 percent sure Eric set up Nick to get him evicted.  This, we know, is wrong.  It’s sad, because Dick is so right about Eric being the vote, but so wrong about the reasons, and it just makes him look like a raving lunatic.  He’s one of those conspiracy theorists thinking there’s some master plan out there.  The irony is that there is, it’s just not the one he thinks it is.

Daniele proves that she is Dick’s daughter when she falsely states to the camera that the replacement nominee is not set in stone and that it could be her dad.  The Donato family genes must have been cool in the ’80s, because they are clearly acid washed.

At the PoV ceremony, Jen puts on the necklace, and it makes her bunny ears boing.  Come on, Big Brother, would it have been asking too much to put a sound effect in there?  The somber music at the ceremony is negated because the nominees and HoH are all in bunny suits.  Eric is put up because Daniele is 100 percent sure Nick was set up.  I don’t think the Donatos know what “100 percent” means.  Dick crows about how he, Daniele, Kail and Jen are now aligned and the LNC is gone.  Um, does he realize that alliance only gets two votes, and Eric would need four to go home?  Maybe by Thursday’s show Dick will learn some first grade math.

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