Scott Baio is 45… and Single is one of VH1’s latest reality series.  It follows actor Scott Baio as he enlists the help of personal life coach, Dr. Alison Arnold, in the hopes of transforming himself from a philanderer to a man fully capable of commitment.

Baio, who is known most for his roles on Happy Days and Charles in Charge, has been romantically involved with numerous women on and off-screen.  His more famous girlfriends include Heather Locklear (Spin City), Nicolette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives), Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and his Happy Days co-star, Erin Moran, to whom he admitted losing his virginity.  Now, after 25 years of moving from one relationship to another, the 45-year-old actor is finally ready to confront the real reasons behind his inability to settle down.

On Scott Baio is 45… and Single, Baio spends eight weeks of his life revisiting past flames with the aim of gaining insight about his “bad-boy” behavior.  He must also endure different life-altering activities, one of which is abstinence.

Fortunately, he does not have to go through the difficult and painful process alone, as he has his good friends, wingman Johnny “Johnny V” Venokur and actor Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years), by his side.

Baio’s goal is simple: to learn how he can maintain a meaningful, stable and healthy relationship.  Guiding him to this goal is Dr. Arnold, better known in the industry as “Doc Ali.”  Dr. Arnold, whose resume includes Olympians, high powered corporations and performers, teaches, “Nothing external is stopping you from living the life you were born to live.  Liberation is an inside job.  Stuck in a job, relationship, or self defeating pattern?  Afraid to break out of a comfort zone?  You’re lying to yourself.  Step out of fear and into your greatness.”

Scott Baio is 45… and Single
premiered on VH1 on July 15.  It airs every Sunday at 10:30pm.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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