Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster, CBC, will be launching the latest version of the reality series, No Opportunity Wasted (NOW), in October.  The show is created and executive-produced by Phil Keoghan, better known as the host of CBS’ The Amazing Race.

The series, which will be mediated by adventurer Bruce Kirby, will give selected Canadians the chance to either pursue their dreams or face their fears.  In each episode, two challengers, who are unaware that they have been chosen, will be ambushed by Kirby and asked to carry out a 72-hour NOW challenge.  Their schedules will be cleared and all possible excuses eliminated, giving the two total strangers time to achieve their common goal.  They must follow a series of instructions through a chain of time targets that will push them to the extreme.

Principal photography for the series began in June.  At the time, nearly 4,000 NOW hopefuls signed up to be part of the show.

“We are thrilled that to date almost 4,000 Canadians have applied to take a NOW challenge,” The Amazing Race host said in June.  “The stories chosen are truly representative of the wider demographic of applicants who want to get past procrastination and live life NOW.  Viewers everywhere will be rooting for these challengers.”

For the premiere episode, two challengers- a housewife from Winnipeg and a veteran firefighter from Vancouver- with the fear of heights were made to wash high-rise windows from a rig above Coal Harbour in Vancouver.

“It is so exciting to have the opportunity to encourage Canadians accomplish something they never thought possible with their customized 72-hour NOW challenges,” Kirby said.  “It is an honor to help people transform in a positive and life changing way by pushing them outside of their comfort zone.”

The series is based on Keoghan’s life philosophy of “seizing the moment.”  He developed this line of thinking after a near-death experience at the age of 19.  He has taken on several personal challenges since then, including diving the world’s largest underwater cave.  In 2004, three years after The Amazing Race debuted on CBS, Keoghan launched NOW on the Discovery Channel, and later produced a version of the show in New Zealand.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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