There are two basic kinds of Vampire Diaries episodes: the set-up and the payoff. Last week saw a big set-up as Bonnie got super-charged on witch power, though killing Klaus would most likely mean killing herself and Klaus possessed the body of Alaric. This week’s episode, “The Last Dance,” provides the payoff.

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Having seen the upcoming episode, the payoff is definitely worth it, thanks in large part to Matt Davis. The actor is sometimes underused as vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman, but now that he’s possessed by Klaus, he takes center stage at the school’s ’60s-themed dance.

The main question the episode seeks to answer is: How do they deal with the impending arrival of Klaus? Bonnie wants to sacrifice herself, but she also wants Jeremy to keep it a secret. But on The Vampire Diaries, nothing stays secret for long. What will they decide and how will everyone choose to fight Klaus? Those questions get answered in tragic and shocking ways, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out how.

On the other hand, here are five questions about this week’s episode that I will answer.

Question #1: How bad-ass is Klaus?

Answer: Very. Not only is he incredibly funny, but he’s also vicious and cruel in a psychological way. When Jules and the werewolves showed up, they were all about torturing and killing. Klaus comes up with far more devious plots, first in dealing with Katherine and later in the way he taunts Elena like a snake playing with a mouse before devouring it whole.

Question #2: What is the purpose of Klaus possessing Alaric?

Answer: The first answer is that it’s a scouting mission designed to figure out the status of Mystic Falls before the real Klaus shows up. However, there’s also an additional benefit that comes in handy given the recent transfer of the title for the Salvatore mansion. Alaric doesn’t need an invite to get inside a house, even when he’s possessed by a vampire.

Question #3: How much does Sheriff Forbes know?

Answer: Everything. That’s what Matt told her that Caroline said, but it turns out to be very true. Sure, Sheriff Forbes knows that her daughter is a vampire, but she also knows that the Salvatores are vampires, the Gilberts are working with them and that Tyler is a werewolf. That’s a lot of info to process, but I’m a little worried what will happen when Sheriff Forbes finally figures out what to do with it. There’s also the question of how long Matt can continue to date Caroline and act like nothing’s wrong when he secretly knows she’s a vampire.

Question #4: Can Damon dance?

Answer: Hells yeah, Damon can dance! Our favorite bad boy vampire cuts a mean rug at the ’60s dance, boogieing with nearly every girl at the party. Sorry, men of Mystic Falls, but none of you have a shot with any women as long as Damon’s around.

Question #5: How awesome is Matt Davis as AlarKlaus?

Answer: Very, very, very awesome. The opening scene alone is funnier than anything Davis has done on the entire show as Alaric (with the possible exception of the Chunky Monkey scene) and Klaus’ assessment of the man he’s possessing provides even more great lines. Matt Davis is good at being good, but he’s even better at being bad, and it’s enough to make me wish Joseph Morgan will never show up so Davis can play Klaus full-time.

Check out the battle of Elena, Bonnie and the Salvatores vs. AlariKlaus on The Vampire Diaries Thursday at 8pm on the CW.

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