After a brutal hiatus, Supernatural returns Friday, April 15 with a new episode all about Fate. After all the times Sam and Dean have died and come back to life, fate doesn’t really mean a whole lot to them, but in this episode, “My Heart Will Go On,” they meet up with the personification of Fate who isn’t too happy with the boys.

In this clip, Sam and Dean are walking across a town and it seems, for some reason, they are trying to die, putting themselves in precarious situations to tempt fate. There are dogs, skateboarders and knife jugglers. It feels exactly like the Final Destination movies, where the Winchesters are terrified that any little thing could lead to their deaths. On the bright side, it makes them jumpy as hell, which is incredibly funny.

Best part? Probably every single thing Jared Padalecki does in this clip, but especially the way he tries to make it past the fire jugglers. Sam is at his best when he’s a total goofball.

Supernatural airs Friday, April 15 at 9pm on the CW.

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(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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