Ever think about what life will be like when Supernatural officially wraps up? While it’s depressing to think about the ultimate ending of the show, it’s a an inevitable reality that fans have to face sooner or later. Luckily, fans came up with interesting ideas for a spin-off series that would hopefully continue the legacy that Sam and Dean have built. Here are the suggestions:
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Ali Bing Bong Rutherford: John Winchester’s early years up until the pilot of Supernatural, but he has to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Nick Reilly: Do a spin-off of the boys growing up, how they became hunters. But don’t just make it about the boys, add the father as well, how he acts without Mary, or maybe have a demon vs. angel series.

Hillary Ann Albury: It could be with Castiel against Crowley and we can call it Csquared.

Jeff Brown: A Samuel Colt western, explore the Campbell and Winchester blood lines.

Elizabeth Louis: Ghost Facers would be funny, and far enough removed from [Supernatural] regulars that could stand on it’s own — plus, any of the main characters who don’t get killed off by the end could guest star.

Victoria Folch-Pi: Maybe a series documenting what Ruby was doing throughout season 3 and 4 when she wasn’t with the boys.

Boatman66: It needs to [feature a] fresh cast. Sam and Dean could do a few cameos. Perhaps a couple sisters this time. The young one could be a virgin, thus giving her a supernatural advantage. I have to think about the car they would drive — it’s important. The older worldly sister could have had a near death experience that gave her a preview of a possible future. I think the writing needs to get back to its superior level for it to work.

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Meanwhile, there are fans who disapprove of a Supernatural spin-off, mainly because it’s hard to pull off a successful show that would live up to its origin, not to mention the possibility that no one might survive in the end.

Which of the spin-off ideas would you like to see? More importantly, should there be a follow-up series in the first place?

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