It seems like Heroes cast of characters just keeps growing and growing, and now you can add two more new regulars to the Heroes season two cast.  Shalim Ortiz will be joining the cast as an illegal immigrant trying to make it to the USA to be with his sister, played by Dania Ramirez.  No word yet on super powers for either character, nor how prominent their parts will be.  This brings the grand total to somewhere in the neighborhood of ten new Heroes regulars makes you wonder though; just how safe are our beloved Season One Heroes?

Early in Heroes first season, creator Tim Kring told various news outlets that he was intending to start each new season with a new set of Heroes involved in their own adventure.  Somewhere along the way, he back peddled and said that instead he was going to stick with the current group, which is just fine as far as the cast and fans are concerned.

For sure, a lot of the new characters may be short-lived and tangential to the overall plot.  Hiro’s love interest, for example, is from ancient Japan, and while Hiro has the ability to bring her forward, it’s just as likely that he’ll lose this love.  It just makes dramatic sense.

Characters such as the two new cheerleaders are surely padding, while David Anders’ character is sure to be a major player in the seasons arc.

At this point in the game, new casting notices shouldn’t be taken as an indication that characters are being pushed out or killed off.  Sometimes these newly cast characters are amazingly brief and inconsequential.

As far as the fate of characters whose lives seemed to be hanging in the balance last season, mum is the word.  Kring told a group of journalists at the kickoff for the world tour that just because an actor was touring in support of the show did not mean their character survives.  The tour is being done to promote the international release of Heroes season one, not season two.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Variety
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