Sopranos actress Dania Ramirez (Blanca Selgado) will be joining NBC’s Heroes beginning with September’s season two premiere. The actress already has a super hero pedigree, appearing as Callisto in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, as well as three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  On Heroes, Ramirez will be taking on the role of Maya, a recurring character with so far undisclosed super powers.   We don’t know yet whether she is one of the characters which will be introduced in the ‘extra’ episodes of Heroes this season, or if her role was planned from the beginning.

Besides introducing new Heroes within the context of the story, Heroes fans will also be able to take part in deciding on new characters to be added to the show.  These characters will be introduced in the highly promoted extra episodes that NBC plans to produce for Heroes second season.

Not much is known of the plot of Generations other than that it is rumored to delve into the history of the super heroes progenitors and possibly address just how far back the heroes gene really goes.  Fans were left a little underwhelmed by the final battle of Heroes first season which left more questions than were to be expected.  Heroes had become known as a series that answered all of its key questions and creators pledged that all Season one plot lines would be sorted out before a new chapter was opened.

Instead, Hiro is inexplicably trapped in feudal Japan, Matt Parkman was shot by his own telekineticly deflected bullets, the Petrelli brothers were either vaporized, or not, and Sylar escaped; an unusual departure for a show that had spent its first season on the air exhausting itself of its major answers.

Heroes will begin filming this summer and will return in early September at it’s Monday 9pm est time slot on NBC.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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