TvSquad has unleashed a horde of new Heroes season two spoilers that detail some of the new characters coming tot he series, along with coloring in some of the characters we reported on the previously.  Heroes fans have just under four months remaining before Heroes returns to begin its unprecedented thirty episode season, which will include six episodes designed strictly to introduce new Heroes.

Some of the information has no context, for instance we know there is a new character named ‘Maya’ who is Hispanic, but we don’t know the extent of her role.   Whenever a character is leaked with no context, it is time to get suspicious.  LOST fans who follow casting spoilers know better than anybody that sometimes these rumors lead to personages of non-importance.

One character that has a rather nefarious ring to him is Kane.  He is described in TvSquad’s info as ‘ageless’ with the whole Euro thing going on.  They also go on to describe the role as possibly a regular.  With a name like Kane and an age defying power, Kane sounds like the kind of guy that might fill the shoes of Molly’s dread Boogey Man number two.

Some high school girls will be added to the roster including a lesbian cheerleader named April. Yes, they still aren’t over the cheerleader thing, but as long as we don’t get ‘save the gay cheerleader, save the world… again’ as a catch phrase, we’ll be okay.  No word on if she has any super powers yet, other than the ability to save NBC’s image after the infamous degaying of Zack from last season.  Yet another cheerleader, named May, will fill the vacant mean girl spot;  let’s hope this one can keep her skull cap on.

These characters seem to indicate that Claire might be going into a starting over mode, or that the Heroes producers are already, in their short run, returning to the well of high school class struggles.  It would be unfortunate for the series to trudge back through the high school drama and attempt to reconnect with its analogy to the gay/lesbian community; aren’t stories supposed to move on at this point?

Unfortunately still no word on Adrian Pasdar or Greg Grunberg being re signed, the finale left their characters in very precarious positions.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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