Yes  Zachary Quinto fans, Sylar will be returning to Heroes in season two.  We still don’t know why there is a little cockroach crawling around when ever Sylar is at his low points though, or do we?  Rumors persist that Sylar’s return will include a mentor with a few things in common with Heroes’ brain gobbling baddie.


Access Hollywood confirmed with a rep for Zach Quinto that the actor would be returning next season to reprise his role as bad guy “Sylar.”  This shouldn’t come as twoo much of a surprise, however; while Sylar’s hope for becoming the leader of a post-apocalyptic world may have been run through with Hiro’s katana, the ominous villain no doubt has not lost his lust for power.

On the rumor side of things, David Anders of Alias fame is all but confirmed to play the part of next season’s central villain Kane.  Kane is apparently over a thousand years old and has a lust for power that is a little more elegant than Sylar.  If you believe the word on the streets, the little cockroaches that we see whenever Sylar is in trouble, well they’ve been a little more helpful than we would have ever imagines.

An anonymous source is telling BuddyTV to pay careful attention to the bugs first appearance.  Sylar was successfully subdued at the Primatech facility when we first saw a cockroach scamper by, then he wasn’t.   In the finale, he was run through and bleeding out and what did we see crawling near the man hold cover where he apparently made his escape?  A cockroach.   Hmmm.  Cause for the suspicion of course.

Aside from the alleged ability to control hordes of insects, a suitably biblical power for a villain named Kane, not much is known about the new character.  The good thing is, unlike LOST fans, we’ll only have to wait a few more months to find out.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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