When Heroes returns to NBC in fall it will bring with it six additional episodes, one shots from a sub-series titled Heroes: Origins.  As you probably know, the purpose of these episodes will be to introduce new super powered characters to the show.  In a recent interview with IfMagazine, Heroes writer Jeph Loeb gave a little bit of insight as to what these origins episodes might be like.

One possibility that Loeb broached was that characters introduced in Origins may not actually make it to the series, death is an acceptable end to an Origins story.  No doubt if that were done, the character would still have some connection to the show, or another characters back story.  This sort of tangential plotting can lead to fan frustration.  Just ask the millions of people who played the LOST alternate reality game last year.

Of the episodes themselves, Loeb told Ifmagazine what he knew so far “The reason for ORIGINS is Tim is very motivated by and excited by the origin stories. So the idea is to create new characters and to see them from the point at which their powers manifest themselves and within one hour tell the story that completes that character. So if it’s a teenage boy, we would see his powers manifest in high school and by the end of the episode he’s a hero or a villain, he’s dead, or he’s gone to New York to see Doctor Suresh. But, there will not be a lot of cross-pollinating with the mother ship. The show has been described in many ways, because nothing has been locked down. It lives in the HEROES universe, but it only lives in the HEROES universe in terms of it being our universe. Think of it as annuals if you want to look at it from comic book terminology.”

Heroes will return to NBC Mondays in September.

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