True Blood season 5 comes to HBO Sunday, June 10, and it looks bloodier than ever. At the end of season 4, Tara was shot and old foes returned (King Russell and a vampire Reverend Steve Newlin). Now it’s time for the bloody aftermath.

The new trailer includes plenty of quick bursts of action from season 5, but the general plot can be unraveled. It’s all about the previously unseen Vampire Authority (led by Law and Order: SVU‘s Christopher Meloni) trying to keep vampires mainstream while other forces want to feed on humanity like cattle.

Eric and Bill are stuck in the middle, trying to balance their hatred for the Authority with the return of King Russell. And while all that is going on, it looks like Sookie might have time for a little Alcide loving when she’s not using her fairy magic.

Check out the trailer for yourself and savor every last morsel as we look forward to the arrival of new True Blood.

(Image and video courtesy of HBO)

John Kubicek

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