Supernatural loves putting its characters in impossible positions, and this week is no exception. Sam and Dean are faced with a difficult decision: Do they team up with an evil, blood-sucking monster in order to stop the Leviathans? Of course they do, because no matter how many times they vow never to make another deal with a monster, they just can’t help themselves.

Death from Corn Syrup

Dick Roman’s big plan to make humanity lose all their drive so they’re slow and willing to get eaten takes a massive leap forward with the purchase of a company that makes high fructose corn syrup, which is in everything. So now Dean can’t have soda. Or Twinkies. Or, most tragically of all, pie.

Dick also threatens Kevin Tran to translate the Word of God for him so he can figure out what Sam and Dean know. After figuring it out, he sends his top henchman, Edgar, to “talk” to the Alpha Vampire.

The Three Bloods of the Fallen

Sam and Dean have Castiel’s blood and Ghost Bobby clues them in to the fact that they need Crowley’s blood and an Alpha’s blood to complete the Leviathan-killing weapon. Dean seems to think killing Dick will magically make all the other Leviathans go away. Sam recognizes how idiotic this is, but since he doesn’t have a better plan, it’s what they’re gonna do.

They summon Crowley, who agrees to help them if they get the other blood first. Then he points them in the direction of the Alpha Vampire. On the way, Sam and Dean figure out that the grey goop the Leviathans are feeding to humans makes them lethal to vampires, which is….good? Bad? It’s kind of hard to tell at this point, because we’re entering “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” territory, and it looks like the Winchesters are now pro-vampire.

Off to See the Alpha

Sam and Dean find the Alpha Vampire’s house, but they only find a human girl named Emily. She’s his personal food supply, a 20-year-old pure virgin whose blood is super delicious. She helps the boys find the Alpha Vampire’s vacation home, but it’s actually a trap because she’s full-on Stockholm Syndrome’d.

Vampires vs. Leviathans

After getting some “vamp-tonite,” which is their code word for the human blood filled with grey goop, Sam and Dean decide to talk it out with the Alpha Vampire and try to convince him that he should give them his blood so they can kill the Leviathans. Once again, the boys try to make a deal with a monster in order to defeat a more dangerous monster. This never ends well.

Edgar arrives and lets the Alpha Vampire know that the Leviathans do, in fact, plan on killing all vampires and other monsters. When Edgar calls his mama a whore (referring to Eve), the two fight. Needless to say, an Alpha Vampire is no match for a Leviathan, but Sam and Dean rush in to save him by chopping Edgar’s head off.

In exchange for their kindness, the Alpha Vampire agrees to give Sam and Dean his blood. He points out that the boys are clearly disappointed they can’t kill him yet, but he ends their meeting by saying “See you next season.”

I love that, for the second week in a row, the writers have made it very, very clear that Crowley and the Alpha Vampire are still a HUGE problem and that they’re the very obvious Big Bads for season 8. I think that could be a great storyline that gets back to basics.

And in yet another example of enemies possibly making deals, Dick Roman summons Crowley at the end of the episode to talk about those pesky Winchesters.

Ghost Bobby Goes Rogue

While the brothers deal with the Alpha Vampire, Bobby is stuck in the motel. The flask is in the safe, but Ghost Bobby possesses a cleaning lady to open it and go off on his own to kill Dick. Ghost Bobby is definitely bad news right now, and if they don’t deal with him in the season finale, I’m thinking Ghost Bobby could be another potential Big Bad for next year.

Next week on the Supernatural season finale: It’s all about killing Dick. Sam, Dean, Ghost Bobby, Cas, Meg and possibly Crowley are all working together to get it done, so I’m sure absolutely nothing will go wrong. Except for the fact that every single Supernatural season finale ends badly for the Winchesters.

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