This week on Grimm, a group of Bigfoot hunters, a la the Blair Witch Project complete with their own cameras capturing their moves, get attacked by what they believe is the very enemy they’re hunting.

Larry the Bigfoot

Naturally, Monroe knows Bigfoot. Larry comes to visit Monroe after he’s stabbed. He says he didn’t mean to do what he did and struggles to pull some sort of device from his neck. This story sang a different tune than ones in the past, as the creature turns itself right in, instead of Nick having to hunt it down. Monroe doesn’t know what to do to help him, other than having the idea to lead the dogs to another direction by wearing Larry’s shirt and then going off into the woods. All this time I was thinking how much easier it would be for him to just toss the shirt into the woods instead of giving himself up. He’s able to fend off the dogs but then “bumps” into Hank, who’s shocked and doesn’t know what to do.

Identity Crisis

When two other deaths are turned up, both with those devices inside their necks, Monroe finds out they’re connected to a psychologist who is helping the men get “cured” of their creature-like tendencies. Apparently they’re in some sort of identity crisis, not wanting to be who they are anymore. It’s sort of sad, as they just want to be human, but the fact that when they turn into Bigfoot, they look like the “Geico Man” was a bit humorous.

Hank Sees the Light?

First Hank bumps into Monroe, who’s not his human self when they do. Then, when they track down the psychologist who had also injected himself with the device drug, he sees him turn from Bigfoot to human. Then, Juliette also begins to wonder if the Bigfoot stories are real, leaving Nick in a bind as to how to answer these pretty practical questions.

This episode didn’t do much to set up next week’s season finale, but got those around Nick questioning the odd things that are going in their lives.

Esther Gim
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Esther Gim

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