This week on The Finder, Walter is looking for his own mother, who’s part of the Witness Protection Program, while also finding a stolen painting at the same time. Just call Walter multi-talented.

Why It Didn’t Work

I understand why the show didn’t have a cliffhanger finale because it didn’t know whether it was or wasn’t coming back. It seems like the show tried to find some sort of happy medium, in case it did become the final show ever. Which means it didn’t go out with any sort of “bang.”

So why didn’t the show catch on? For starts, it aired on a Friday, a tough time slot to begin with. It also was following on the heels of the cult-like Bones, and the show wasn’t even on after the popular show, instead making viewers have to tune in at the end of the week.

Too Quick of a Solve?

One of the biggest problems with the show was that it didn’t make complete sense as to how Walter solved his cases and how it made sense. You were supposed to just believe that Walter’s powers made sense and that he had some sort of special power that made him believable. But was it realistic? I can’t say that it was.

Was Walter Not Human Enough?

We know Walter is the way he is because of what he experienced abroad. But I thought the show could’ve done more to paint Walter as a little more of an “everyday guy,” or at least someone who’s capable of being that person. It wasn’t until this series finale, when he’s confronted with issues about his family, that we see someone who’s human and capable of caring and feeling. Far too many times, Walter felt too standoffish with his case and the people he was dealing with, relying on those around him to bring the human element of the situation.

Supporting Cast

I’d also say the secondary characters — Willa, Leo and Isabella — weren’t brought to the forefront soon enough. Their stories weren’t told until the last few episodes, which meant you didn’t feel any sort of connection to them. Their backgrounds were teased here and there but nothing made you feel invested in them until the past few episodes.

Esther Gim
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Esther Gim

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