It’s on! True Blood kicked off the second half of season 4 with a big move as Marnie, the witch now completely possessed by the vampire-hating Antonia, declared war on the undead. Everyone tried their best to stop it, but the witch proved to be a more formidable foe than any in the show’s history.

The episode kicked off with Marntonia (sorry, that’s the best name I can come up with for the possessed witch) killing the traitorous witch Katerina before escaping from Bill’s prison. She also sent a message to the king, that the resurrection will come and Antonia will once again cast a spell that forces all vampires to “meet the sun” and kill themselves.

That’s bad news, and Bill’s only solution is to order all vampires to bind themselves in silver to keep them from falling under the control of Marntonia’s necromancy. Meanwhile, Marntonia is busy building up her witch army, recruiting Tara as her top lieutenant, mostly because if anyone has a right to be angry with vampires, it’s the girl who was brutally held hostage by one last season.

At the end of the episode (which comes at midday), Marntonia levitates and casts her spell, which sends a witchy wind across all of Bon Temps, making the vampires go crazy with a desire to step into the sunlight and set themselves on fire. We learn that Hoyt’s mama’s neighbor is a vampire and that riding a coffin with a furious Pam inside of it looks more fun than a mechanical bull.

But most importantly, Jessica frees herself and, at the very end of the episode, she steps into the sun. Is she gonna die? Not if Jason has anything to say about it, because the lovesick puppy dog came running to her side after learning about the spell.

But this week’s True Blood wasn’t all about the witch war. Here’s what else went down.

Everybody Loves Sookie: Eric and Sookie spend most of the episode getting busy in the woods and in the bedroom, while Alcide got some action of his own from Debbie before she accused him of being in love with Sookie.

Pam’s Skin Peel: After almost killing Tara (who was saved by a crowd of onlookers), Pam got some medical help and peeled off all of her rotting skin, only to have a series of disgusting and nasty injections to grow it back. It’s amazing the things women will do to their bodies in the name of beauty.

Sam Learns the Truth
: After a quick bit of confusion between Sam and Luna, they thankfully put two and two together and realize Tommy shifted into Sam the night before, which causes Sam to throw his little brother out for about the 700th time. I’d really appreciate it if the show would add another twist besides the standard sibling rivalry stuff.

Lafayette Sees Dead People: Lafayette is a medium now, which also helps him to see Mavis, the dead French black woman that Arlene’s baby sees. That storyline just keeps getting weirder and creepier, and I’m kind of loving how we get one new piece of information every week.

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