We’ve known for awhile now that the gaping, trivia-shaped hole left by the passing of Vincent Nigel-Murray would need to be filled by a new squintern. But what kind of squintern would that be? With Bones‘ history of bizarre, quirky and ridiculous assistants, all we could expect was weirdness.

But expectations need to wait no longer: the new squintern has been cast!

According to TVGuide.com, actor Luke Kleintank has been cast in the role of Finn Abernathy, the new squintern at the Jeffersonian. The actor has previously appeared on No Ordinary Family (as Chris Minor) and Gossip Girl (as Elliot Leichter) and is expected to recur as Finn throughout the upcoming season 7 of Bones.

What is Finn’s weird background? Well, for starters, he’s a genius. Having graduated from college at the age of 16, Finn Abernathy will easily be a brainy rival to any of the Bones assistants (maybe even Vincent or Zack). But we shouldn’t expect a carbon copy of a previous squintern. For one thing, Finn has a somewhat checkered past — some of his education was gained via the juvenile detention system. Finn may also come from decidedly blue-collar roots, considering that he is described as having “redneck charm.”

That questionable background is obviously going to be an issue for the high-security, crime-fighting orientation of the Bones team. Reports say that Cam will be the most excited to welcome Finn and his talents to the Jeffersonian, while lawyer Caroline will have concerns about how a former criminal can fit into his new environment.

How will Finn compare to some of the pre-existing characters on Bones? The blue-collar past definitely is reminiscent of Wendell, even though the earlier squintern managed to avoid trouble before reaching the academic world. The youthful genius thing is somewhat reminiscent of Sweets (didn’t he get a PhD at 18 or something?). Not that one can imagine Sweets involved in anything even like crime. As for comparisons to the rest of the Bones cast, it will probably depend on the social skills displayed by Finn Abernathy. Safe to say, he will be a little bit odd.

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How do you feel about the new squintern? Will he be a worthy replacement for Vincent Nigel-Murray? Will the criminal past be a big problem? Leave a comment below!

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