Tonight on Burn Notice, Michael and Sam try and rescue an asthmatic boy from a dangerous, extremist militia. The militia is all against the government, yet views themselves as soldiers of war (even though they never served in a war). That’s what you call cray-cray. Michael gets new house guests when he must protect his imposter, Jacob, and his dog, Mr. Pickles.

Top Five Moments:

5. E.N.I.C: Extremist Nutbag In Charge. I commented in another recap that I wanted a different kind of villain for an episode — this counts. Zachariah, the E.N.I.C who started his own militia. The father is a jaded extremist and loving father. (If you broke your leg, wouldn’t you be screaming in pain? Logic, producers! Learn it, love it, live it.) I like that this is an extremist episode.

4. Mr. Pickles: That dog was too adorable. Also, Jacob is probably as smart as that dog; of course he isn’t smart, he found that job online. (Didn’t I find this job online…?)

3. Fi’s Mission Impossible Stunt: I like that Fi got to do some stunts this episode. She’s sort of been doing surveillance and grunt work of late in Burn Notice, so she needed to be adrenaline Fi. Coolest thing? She attaches herself under a car to sneak in, but these crazy militia folks found out and then she has to drop (painfully) on the ground. Oh, and she got stuck in the crossfire for a little while.

2. Seige Warfare: Don’t attack, leer them out. I like that this show gives me some insight into warfare. I feel like I am learning stuff that will be important for when I go to Miami — because naturally, I will piss off drug dealers, gangs, trafficking rings, militia, whatever.

1. Boom-Boom Boat: This bad guy who took out Max and hired Jacob to do his dirty work is quite clever. The explosives are rigged to explode for when the boat reaches a certain depth; he wanted Jacob to meet him in the Bahamas. He was even nice enough to leave a map!

Next week on Burn Notice, Fiona’s ex-boyfriend — Gavin Rossdale — is the only one who can help for a certain case. Jealousy issues aside, this guy seems like someone you don’t want piss off; probably because if Fiona dated him, how normal could he be?

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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