This week on Torchwood: Miracle Day, Team Torchwood gains a new member in Dr. Vera Juarez but loses one when Gwen heads off to rescue her father. Though Gwen is overseas, she helps to investigate the overflow camps and by episode’s end, one member of the team is lost forever as they discover the true purpose of the ‘modules.’

Top Five Moments:

5. Categories are all the rage: The United Nations sanctions three new ‘categories of life’ to help manage the survivors of Miracle Day. Category 1 is the worst of the worst, people who are unresponsive and should have died already. Category 3 is ordinary healthy people and Category 2 is everyone in-between, like Gwen’s father. Basically, the government now has the power to determine if someone is dead or alive. What a scary thought.

4. Gwen goes home: Gwen arrives in Wales and immediately starts the search for her father. She eventually finds him in one of the camps but he has another heart attack before Gwen can get him to safety and is upgraded to Category 1.

3. Undercover work is dangerous: The team infiltrates the overflow camps to find out what is really going on. During a tour, Vera lashes out at Colin Maloney (the man running the operation) when she sees how the patients are being treated. The ‘stupid little man’ flips out and shoots her when she threatens to have him prosecuted.

2. Angels are among us: Oswald gives his big speech at the miracle rally and says that the human race has made another great leap forward and humans have become angels. Prior to his speech, Jilly coaches Oswald to use the word ‘revelation’ on stage and does her own victory dance when Oswald follows through. Why was that word so important? Was it a code for something?

1. Category 1 is very bad: After shooting Vera, creepy Colin leaves her in one of the modules to cover up his crime and we finally learn the horrible truth. The modules are ovens to burn people alive, making the ‘overflow camps’ nothing less than concentration camps. Here’s hoping Gwen’s dad does not meet the same fate as poor Dr. Juarez.

Next week on Torchwood: Miracle Day, the team has to deal with the aftermath of this week’s tragedy while Jack tries to find out who is really behind the miracle and Gwen returns to the fight.

Megan Cole
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Megan Cole

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