Peter Krause stars in the NBC family-centered drama, Parenthood.  But long before that, I spent a good chunk of my adolescence watching him act as Nate Fisher on the HBO drama, Six Feet Under.  To this day, I look to that series as life-changing as it examined life and death in ways that just weren’t discussed on television.  I couldn’t help myself, so I went up to him at the NBC party and we discussed the impact of Six Feet Under, what he’s watching on television these days, and just how much he loves his television casts: past and present. 

I just wanted to thank you for Six Feet Under, a show that has deeply affected my life.  How has that show affected you?

Peter Krause:
Wow, ummm.

Sorry, didn’t mean to start so heavy!

Peter Krause: You know, that was an amazing period of time.  Those five years were like a bubble and that last day when I pulled my car out of my space, it was just weird.  Leaving those characters and that family and that world behind was really hard because it was made incredibly real by everyone that was a part of it.  The loss of getting to spend time, not just with those people, but with those people as our characters…I mean Nate, David, Brenda…

Are you in touch with any of the other actors from the show? 

Peter Krause:  Yeah, Michael (Michael C. Hall of Dexter) and I are great friends who talk all the time.  And once in awhile I’ll get to talk to Rache (Rachel Griffiths of Brothers and Sisters) or Lauren Ambrose (Torchwood), Franny (American Horror Story).  You know, it was a meditation on both death and life.  It certainly made me want to live my life.

Me too.  So have you actually ever watched the series?  Or is that too weird?

Peter Krause: 
I haven’t seen all the episodes, but I’ve seen most of them. 

So Parenthood!  What’s coming up for Adam this season?

Peter Krause:  Well, when we left him last season, we just found out he lost his job…

And he knocked up his wife.

Peter Krause: And he knocked up his wife.  He’s still unemployed and his wife is still knocked up.  So, he’s worried. 

I would imagine.  But, he found Max’s retainer! 

Peter Krause:  He did.  But he’s in a more insecure place than he was last season. 

So what’s the best part about working on Parenthood?

Peter Krause:
  The cast.  I’ve been blessed in my career with wonderful casts.  Sports Night, Dirty Sexy Money, this, just amazing casts.  What’s really great about it is some of the young cast members. 

They’re unbelievable.  When Mae cries, I cry.  It’s instantaneous. 

Peter Krause: Yeah, she’s great and Sarah Ramos who plays my daughter, she’s fantastic.  I like working with the young cast, and I also like working with Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia.  Craig T. is awesome.  I’m a huge fan of his. Dax and Lauren and Erica. Everyone, it’s just a great cast.  Jason Katims, the executive producer/writer, you know Friday Night Lights is great. 

Unbelievably good cast!  I just finished Friday Night Lights.  Have you seen the series?

Peter Krause:  I haven’t seen it all yet, no. 

It’s really good…

Peter Krause:  Yeah, I want to start it from the beginning because I saw a few along the way, but I want to start all the way from the beginning.

What do you watch on TV?

Peter Krause:
  Wow…well, I actually watch some reality programming because I read my scripts in front of the TV…

You don’t need to feel guilty about that!

Peter Krause:
  I was a Survivor watcher in the beginning, but I haven’t watched in awhile, The Amazing Race.  Lauren (Graham) actually got me watching Project Runway last year.


Peter Krause:  I’d never seen it before and there was an episode where they were in a dime store and they were buying whatever, tablecloths, wrapping paper, different things and they had to make fabulous clothes out of nothing.  And I was so amazed and impressed by it.

(At this point Peter Krause introduces me to Mae Whitman who I had already interviewed that evening, and then she ignored him after a minute, which brought us back around to kids.)

Do you have kids?

Peter Krause:  I do.

So do they watch Parenthood?

Peter Krause:
I have a son about 10 and he’s seen some of it, not all of it. 

Ok, well thank you for the time!  That was fairly painless, right?

Peter Krause: Yes! 

Get a closer look at Adam with this clip: All Things Adam.

Looks like Adam Braverman is going to have his hands full next season.  What’s your favorite Peter Krause show?  Six Feet Under, Sports Night, Dirty Sexy Money, or Parenthood

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