The witches have been running the show on True Blood for the past few weeks, but now the vampires and Sookie are coming after Marntonia with a vengeance. At the Festival of Tolerance, Bill and Eric get into a fight, and just when the possessed Eric is ready to kill the king, Sookie decides she’s had enough and blasts her magically fairy light all over the place, giving Eric his memories back and forcing Marntonia to run away to regroup.

With Eric back, he teams up with Bill, Jessica and Pam to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium and get rid of Marntonia once and for al, over Nan’s objections. The result is a rather hilarious, slow motion, action-movie closing shot as the four vampires, dressed in leather, get out of a van and head to the witch shop, guns in hand. We’ve never really seen all four of them working together, and it’s pretty bad-ass.

Meanwhile, Marnie and Antonia separate for long enough to show us that Marnie isn’t being possessed, she’s completely on Antonia’s side and actually pushes Antonia to keep fighting to kill all of the vampires. Whether she’s playing Marnie or Antonia, Fiona Shaw is owning this season.

Unfortunately, Tara is still in the Moon Goddess Emporium that the vampires want to blow up, so Sookie recruits her B-team of Jason, Lafayette and Jesus to help save Tara. I’m not sure those are the people I’d want on my team, unless the mission was to have wild sex, make profanity-laced insults or change bed pans. As you might imagine with this unimpressive attack squad, Marntonia magically zaps Sookie, Tara, Holly, Lafayette and Jesus into thin air, leaving Jason standing there with a “WTF?” face. I’ll second that.

Fort Bellefleur Detox Facility

In a silly storyline, Terry finds out his cousin Andy is addicted to V and takes them to their childhood tree fort to hash out old family rivalries and get clean. We know that Felicity‘s Scott Foley is joining the cast in the season finale as an old soldier buddy of Terry’s, so I assume this is setting up something big for him.

Tommy’s Dead

Yes, that werewolf ass-kicking killed Tommy, which may be the least interesting way True Blood has killed off a character. On the bright side, Alcide teams up with Sam to exact revenge against Marcus, and I imagine that revenge will be sweeter when Alcide learns Marcus is making moves on Debbie.

There are only two episodes of True Blood left this season, and next week, Pam shoots a rocket launcher. I guess they just found a way to make her even awesome.

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