Apparently, there are consequences — even on television — when you crash a car into your girlfriend’s house, causing massive property damage and endangering lives. Despite a season 7 ending in which we saw House wandering a beach, season 8 will find the not-good doctor right where he belongs: in prison.

A new promo video gives a few glimpses into House’s life in the Big House. Check it out below:

It’s only 20 seconds, but we definitely get a feel for how House is going to start out its 8th season. While the video doesn’t give any hint as to how or when our hero will get out of jail (or what the state of his always tenuous medical license will be), reports of extensive hospital-staff casting indicate that House will indeed taste freedom in a short period of time.

But for now, let’s assess the prison situation:

  • Despite the wording at the beginning of the promo, I seriously doubt that House is in for “a very long sentence.” Clever wordplay though.
  • House’s cellmate doesn’t look like a nice man.
  • Would they let inmates carry heavy canes that could easily be used as deadly weapons?
  • There’s a lot of toilet paper in that prison cafeteria.
  • What’s with the guards in riot gear? I mean, House is obnoxious, but that seems a little extreme.
  • Playing catch with pills does not seem to be the best use for such things. Maybe it’s a show of bravado?
  • Would someone like House really end up in that kind of prison, surrounded by violent thugs whose sole purpose in life seems to be beating up on a middle-aged doctor?

Whatever is actually going on, it’s probably safe to say that House is going to be ready to leave prison when the time comes. Even House’s miserable existence is better than that place, after all.

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(Image courtesy of FOX, video courtesy of FOX via FlorinTra on YouTube)

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