Picking up from last week’s cliffhanger, Michael and Sam go after ‘the man who killed Max and framed Michael.’ Pearce is back for like two minutes! But that’s on the backburner as Michael does freelance and Jesse enlists Maddy to take some pictures on a safe job. The safe job turns into a hostage/heist in which Maddy is the hostage and Michael’s in the heist!

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Top Five Moments:

5. Spy Ain’t Sly: I know that Michael and every other spy in existence have meetings in public locations. But did Jesse really have to say Michaels’ framed-as-a-murderer predicament? Jesse isn’t as slick as other spies, Michael slips into roles easily and Sam is a little sleazy but it fits, so Jesse being less slick makes him likable. Also, that nice brown suit he wears later is totally not FBI. I can understand that guy’s confusion.

4. The Heist: The concept of heists have been reworked and redone in pretty much every way. That doesn’t make tonight’s heist episode any less enjoyable though; probably because of the hostage angle. Maddy and others are taken as hostages and Michael, who needs to go through the heist, must choose. I wish it was more of a dilemma though–like if it was down to the hostages or to find the people who burned him. It was only freelance.

3. Follow the Leader: Usually, this gun-ho leader who wants to fight instead of wait gets killed in movies. Not on TV and not with Burn Notice’s shining star Sharon Glass. Luckily, someone got hurt (Michael), but she saved him! Still, it is easy to understand why the other hostages wouldn’t trust Maddy and Michael so easily. Oddballs those two.

2. Polyester: Apparently, those expensive silk or wool ties are just useless if you are a spy. Polyester is just so flammable and can blow up planes. So if you want to be cool and a spy (they generally go hand-in-hand), buy polyester.

1. GUILT: Michael feels some guilt about tampering with Max’s death (as he should). But obviously he doesn’t want to go to prison or piss off a bunch of lethal spies, so he must interfere. That’s kind of an interesting take on morals/ethics/whatever. But will that guilt take over Michael’s actions? Nah. He’s happy to help even more for the investigation that is drawing to a close. Speaking of… the mid-season finale is too. It’s like science!

Bioweapons specialists aren’t easy to find in Miami, so they go to a tourist resort in South America! For some reason, Sam and Jesse corner Max’s killer even though he framed Michael. Logic, where are you hiding?

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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