‘True Blood’: Is This It for Bill Compton?

  • Jul 30, 2014
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In episode 6 of True Blood season 7, we learned a few things: A) Bill is definitely infected, B) His infection is accelerating at a crazy pace, and C) Sookie infected him. Although Bill is definitely on death’s door, that doesn’t mean he’s going to die. Like any romance novel, one of the lover’s HAVE to go through some kind of transformation or near-death experience for the other person to forgive them for whatever they’ve done. In this case, Bill almost killed Sookie, he betrayed her, he turned into a wack job prophet/vamp god, and basically was the worst boyfriend in the world. Why would Sookie ever get back together with him unless…he almost died?

Bill is Probably Not Going to Die

But don’t quote me. At this point, I don’t think Bill OR Eric are going to die. They’re too important, and their fan-base is huge. Plus, True Blood isn’t Game of Thrones. Main characters usually don’t just get axed for no reason (arguably that’s what happened to Tara, but her storyline was kind of boring, anyway. Plus, she’s still on the show in order to lead Lettie Mae toward something important). 

PLUS, and this is a big “plus,” Sarah Newlin is the antidote! Of course she is. Her new name that reflects upon her Buddhist teachings is “Newme,” as in…NEW ME! Ha. Good one, True Blood. If Newme is going to be an entirely different person, maybe her goal is to save all the vampires. It seems like all a vampire has to do is drink her blood, and they’re back to their normal, perky selves. 

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Will Eric and Pam kill her before that happens? I doubt it. They’ll probably squeeze some antidote blood out of her (problem: do chemicals like that actually stay in your bloodstream for that long?) and give it to the True Blood mafia so they can A) restore their honorable business back to how it was, and B) provide a cure for all the vampires. Happy ending? It’s possible. 

So, although Bill IS incredibly sick, he’s probably going to be just fine. I think. I don’t know. I hope so. 

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Obviously Sookie was the One to Infect Bill

Okay, I totally saw it coming the moment she got infected vamp blood splattered all over herself. I was like, “BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR OPEN WOUND?” Because I’m a hypochondriac. We all knew she got infected (right?) and when she offered her neck to Bill, I thought it was really sweet at first. But then I realized she was totally sentencing him to death. That’s probably why they didn’t have Jessica drink from Sookie (that would have been easier, right? Why did she have to drink from Lafayette?). 

Lo and behold, she tests positive in “Karma,” and probably feels terrible for it. Oh, Sookie. You just can’t help but kill everyone around you, can you? 

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But Now Sookie and Bill can Rekindle Their Love

Like I said, in any romantic formula, a tragedy like this must happen in order for love to re-blossom. Sookie already has weird Bill butterflies in her stomach this season, so you know she’s conflicted. She wasn’t head-over-heels in love with Alcide (but just enough to keep her a sympathetic, likable character); she definitely didn’t love him like she loved Bill. 

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Now, she’s afraid the love of her life is going to die. Once he’s cured, she’s going to be ALL ABOUT being with him, right? 

The question is whether Bill will allow her to fall back in love with him. He’s had all those visions about his wife lately and how SHE was his one true love, and blah blah blah. Maybe he’ll want to die and be reunited with her? If vampires are allowed that afterlife luxury, that is. 

I guess we’ll just have to keep watching –although it really looks like Bill doesn’t have that much time (Oh, Sookie! You and your crazy fae blood!). 

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