Since this season’s Top Chef is the Vegas edition, betting and odds can’t be far behind, right? Them Vegas pundits have so far been right on the money, so to speak, up until last week when they predicted lone lady Jennifer to head home, and right now, a couple of days before the finals, guess who these people are putting their money on to win the whole thing?

The odds seem to be in favor of bearded Kevin. Starting with an already robust 8 to 1, the odds in favor of 26-year-old bearded Kevin (surprisingly the youngest in the trio) is now an almost insurmountable 6 to 5.

On the other hand, Michael Voltaggio, who started at 11 to 1, is currently 2 to 1, while brother Bryan Voltaggio, who began at 15 to 1, is now 4 to 1.

Not that we need more concrete evidence that this Top Chef season is Kevin’s to lose. The Atlanta, Georgia native has won 9 challenges, equivalent to the number of challenges both brothers have won combined. And he was able to do so without ever landing in the bottom of the pack.

Other Vegas-based sites have also pegged Kevin to win based purely on odds.

Then again, it would be foolish to expect the bearded Southerner to just run away with the win on Top Chef. Expect the V brothers to put up a fight. As with our previous analysis, while Kevin’s forte is flawless execution, the brothers thrive on imagination and creativity and thinking outside the box.

As we all know, for the final challenge, the three chefs will be made to cook the best three-course meals of their lives with no restrictions for 12 judges. They’ll also get to pick their sous chefs. Last season, it was runners-up from previous seasons, and that selection proved costly for Carla because of Casey.

Source: Vegas Deluxe, Las Vegas Sun
(Image courtesy of Bravo)

Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV