We’re still in the middle–okay, on the tail-end–of season 15 of The Amazing Race, and already, there’s talk about season 16, and most importantly, the possibility that Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend slash fellow HG Jeff Schroeder are joining it, too.

Someone on Twitter posted a photo of those two at the Los Angeles International Airport, and fans are pouncing on it because they’re wearing matching blue outfits. Okay, so maybe they’re just in the mood for matching outfits, since they’re together and all, but anybody who watches The Amazing Race knows that teams usually start the race in matching colors just to make it easier to know who is who.

20091201-tar01.jpgMaybe it’s a coincidence, but the same person posted another photo from LAX, this time with two African-American ladies donning matching pink shirts, and possibly, another team right beside them, wearing brown. (I can’t tell because the woman is blocking her possible partner.) And a possible confirmation: a cameraman.

20091201-tar02.jpgAnd, in both photos, the subjects are carrying huge bags, which is an Amazing Race trademark. And did I tell you that the African-American team looks familiar, too? Talk about more celebrity teams after this season’s poker players Maria and Tiffany, and recently eliminated Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy. I haven’t seen Big Brother this year, so I don’t know what to make out of it, but what do you think?

(Images courtesy of Danielle Varey’s Twitter page)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV