It’s time to take bad behavior to the next level as Oxygen brings back the Bad Girls Club for its fourth season, beginning tonight at 10pm ET/PT. This time, seven self-proclaimed “bad girls” will be living together in a Los Angeles mansion where you can expect to see explosive personalities collide.

Just like past seasons, the new season of Bad Girls Club will shed light on the feisty femmes’ unique stories, and issues that have hindered their relationships and career. The question is: Will living together with other “bad girls” help them move forward and turn their lives around?

We’ll find out as we get to know the newest bad girls from across the county:


A flamboyant rebel who proclaims to rule Los Angeles, Natalie is a spunky socialite who manages her own fashion boutique in Northern California. She enjoys hanging out with celebrities but not as much as enjoying what her sugar daddies have to offer.


Described as a beer drinking girl next door, Amber is a pro when it comes to pulling nasty pranks. She also has a reputation of a backstabber.


Anyone who thinks that Ann is all sweet and innocent is a fool. This Jekyll and Hyde character works as a phone sex operator at night while pursuing her MBA in marketing in the day.


A pageant girl pursuing a degree in political science, Kendra enjoys being surrounded with boys and loves breaking all rules.


Sharp-tongued Portia may be vindictive in nature but that’s just because of her painful childhood past.


This bisexual party girl prepared to fight for the underdog at the drop of a hat.


A daughter of a prominent former politician, Kate grew accustomed to life in the spotlight. Until now, though, she’s still making sure that all eyes are on her whatever it takes.

(Image courtesy of Oxygen)

Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV