On Wednesday night’s So You Think You Can Dance elimination show we were treated to an acrobatic mystery of a guest performance that defied gravity, expectations and genres. They were introduced as the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and they lived up to the epic sounding nature of their name.

But who is the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers? Cat introduced them simply as “amazing special guests presented by John M. Chu director of Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D and choreographed by Harry Shum, Christopher Scott, and Galen Hooks.” But there’s more to the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers’ story and even more to come.

John Chu is calling the Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers (or LXD) “the next evolution of dance” and he’ll be featuring them in an epic online series that will combine a scripted story and the type of gravity-less dancing that graced the So You Think You Can Dance stage. Two trailers have already been released about the project and interestingly, not only is Harry Chum (the “Other Asian” from Glee”) listed as a choreographer and performer for the project, so is season 6 Top 8 finalist B-Boy Legacy.

Here’s the first trailer with an introduction from writer/director John M. Chu:

And here’s the second teaser trailer which gives us an idea of the epic story that awaits us: a traitor, a lover, a boy, and dance? I’m sold:

No official word yet on when LXD launches, sometime 2010, but I am definitely intrigued enough to know I’ll be tuning in whenever it comes. The potential of this project gives me chills. I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV