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Sorry Sam, but there’s only room for one Winchester boy on this list, and that honor goes to Dean, played by Jensen Ackles. With two adorable actors playing brothers on CW’s Supernatural, you’d think female affections would be split down the middle on this issue, but in reality, Jared Padalecki’s Sam is constantly thrown under the bus so that the screaming throngs of girls can stampede towards Ackles.

 It could just be the simple fact that Ackles plays the older brother, the one who sacrificed his own childhood to help raise his little brother, the one who made a deal with the Crossroads Demon to give up his soul in order to save Sam’s life. It’s no surprise the ladies find that sort of selfless, noble act unbelievably attractive.

However, not all the credit can be given to Supernatural creator Eric  Kripke and the way he’s written this sensitive yet hardened character. In fact, a great deal of the credit for Ackles’ sexiness should go to Ackles himself. His pretty little face, clean yet playful hair and killer strut are what the ladies respond to.

Whether dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, a tuxedo, or nothing but a towel, Jensen Ackles oozes the confidence, determination and good-heartedness that makes any woman weak in the knees.


-John Kubicek
(Image courtesy of The CW)