Carson Kressley has plenty of practice giving advice, as he spent several seasons as the fashion guru on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. His role on Crowned might be more focused on judging and critiquing, but his comments can’t help but give the savvier contestants some guidance as they move on in the competition.

And now he’s got a new gig, back to the purer style of doling out the fashion related advice. However, this time, it’s not aimed at the “Straight Guy,” rather the everyday woman, and aims to teach her How to Look Better Naked.

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padackels said: Glad he found himself another job…he and Thom Felicia were my fave gay guys on the Queer Eyes.

This new show will be debuting on January 4, and the timing for the show is appropriate, as no doubt many will be making serious New Year’s resolutions, many of which will be related to their physical appearance.

Lifetime will be airing the program, and says the series will have the Crowned judge “sharing his secrets from the world of fashion and beauty, [and guiding] one woman through a variety of activities – such as learning to dress appropriately for her body type, choosing the correct undergarments, and understanding the right way to style her hair and makeup – ultimately helping to change her self-image. Each episode celebrates the transformation with a glamorous Hollywood-style photo shoot in which the women not only accept what they see in the mirror – they show it off!”

The show is an import from Britain, but it sounds markedly like Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, which in turn wound up being markedly like What Not to Wear, another British import.

Does the world need another show in which women are counseled on correct underwear? Apparently, we have an epidemic in this nation of improper foundation garments. Whether or not the Crowned judge is able to attract an audience to some rather well-worn material, but no doubt if anyone can find an entertaining spin, it’s Carson Kressley.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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