Hope you’re not lactose intolerant America, because you’re about to get a heaping serving of cheese on tonight’s American Idol. Tonight the Top 7 sings “inspirational songs,” a cheesy theme if there ever was one. That desperation you smell? It’s not just Ryan Seacrest gunning for Simon Cowell’s job, it is American Idol trying desperately to regain its ratings by any means possible, including musical manipulation. Then again, in such a lackluster season, a theme that draws from songs with titles like “Heaven Help Us All,” “I Will Survive”  and “The Impossible Dream,” seems strangely fitting.  

Take a Whiff of the Cheese: By seeing all the available song choices for tonight. As well as the songs we hope the contestants sing, here.

So watch along with me tonight as we see who dares sing an Idol coronation song, who manages to make a cheesy song even cheesier (my bet is on Big Mike), and just how Teflon Tim Urban manages to survive another week. Who do you think will find corporate poster style SUCCESS with this week’s theme? And who do you think will stink up the stage like Limburger?

Speaking of corporate style motivational posters, keep your eyes peeled for an original Idol one on every page of this recap!

But enough with my creativity, MJ’s Big Blog has song spoilers for tonight for those of you who can’t wait for your serving of cheese and it’s about as cheddary as imagined. Perhaps worse. Someone even chose one of the few songs I begged that no one did by name … and two of my predictions were right.

Alright America are you ready to be inspired? Doused in Cheetos dust? Because it’s …. American Idol.

We start the night with an intro to this week’s actual inspirational mentor, Alicia Keys. Even though she’s young, she’s undeniably talented. Let’s see if she’s as good of a mentor as she is a song-writer, I still have Fallin’ in my head, what, 5 year later?

Casey James – “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

Alicia’s Advice: “As long as he gives it a lot of personality, people are going to be into Casey tonight.”

I predicted this song for Casey, saying it could be his Idol anthem. And perhaps it could have been if Casey sang instead of shouted the first verse of the song. That’s probably not was Alicia Keys meant by “personality,” Casey. Interestingly, despite it being the biggest rocker that Casey has done for weeks, I found it to be his dullest performance yet, save the shredding. Oh the shredding. If this was “America’s Next Guitar Player and Idol” Casey would be a shoe-in. Unfortunately, with the first slot of the night and a mediocre performance, I think Casey could be in trouble.

Simon Says: “Zero emotion and as everyone said, you just stood there and played the guitar again. It was not original at all. I thought it was a lazy song choice.”

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Should be packing. I predicted Casey is in the Bottom Three tomorrow.

Next up is Lee Dewyze, who will also be playing the song I predicted for him. Hopefully it turns out better than Casey’s.

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