In a schedule tussle that pushed So You Think You Can Dance to different days, Fox has moved the date of the season 7 premiere of Hell’s Kitchen from the original schedule of Thursday, June 10.

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 6 Winner Goes Back to Work

The Gordon Ramsay-led series will instead kick off on June 1, Tuesday, at 8pm, paired with the last two episodes of Glee. Two-hour installments will then follow until July 27, when another culinary-themed series MasterChef premieres and Hell’s Kitchen goes back to one-hour shows.

Starting July 27, Tuesdays are food and Gordon Ramsay nights on Fox as MasterChef is also produced by the ill-tempered Brit. The series gives amateur cooks a chance to work with professionals, including Ramsay, as they compete for the MasterChef title.

So You Think You can Dance goes from Tuesday and Wednesday to Wednesday and Thursday. Glee encores will lead into SYTYCD results on Thursdays.

Lie to Me‘s premiere date is unchanged at Monday, June 7, 8pm, followed by the series premiere of The Good Guys. The schedule for Friday nights is also unchanged, kicking off with a two-hour premiere of Past Life on May 28, 8pm.

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Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV