Lost is, indeed, a show that’s chock-full of twists, U-turns and sudden dives. What began as a show about plane crash survivors became one about what seemed to be a conspiracy, and then time travel was thrown into the mix, and now the possibility of the past five seasons being somehow irrelevant–as everything will start over–is looming. Lost season 6? It’s going to be pretty hard to guess.

So, in Lost season 6–and the last one, we must note–many things still remain in question. Did the bomb work? What happens afterwards? Can we know? While the crew’s been extra tight-lipped at what happens in Lost season 6, some things have been seeping out–and once we get them, we’ll place them here. But they’re spoilers, as you all know. Once things get really crazy, you might lose track. That, or you’ll lose the crazy feeling when you watch it. Consider yourself warned.


Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV