Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#21 Dr. Chang

Hurley’s Man of the Year tribute was narrated by Pierre Chang, Miles’ dad who was the narrator of DHARMA videos in the original timeline and who works at the natural history museum with Charlotte in the altverse.

#20 The Human Fund

Hugo mentions to his mom that he must attend an event for the Human Fund. This is a fictional charity created by George Costanza on Seinfeld.

#19 The Waiter

The waiter at the restaurant where Hugo and Libby met in the altverse was played by Jesse Smith, who played one of the random background extras who survived the plane crash in the first few seasons.

#18 Spanish Johnny’s

The restaurant Hugo goes to is called Spanish Johnny’s, most likely a reference to a character in the Bruce Springsteen song “Incident on 57th Street.”

#17 Outback Roasters

At Mr. Cluck’s there’s a sign for new Outback Roasters, suggesting that this new Australian-themed item was the reason for Hugo’s Sydney trip. The tagline, “It’s like a walkabout in your mouth,” also refers to the walkabout trip John Locke tried to take.

#16 Number 42

At Mr. Cluck’s, Desmond is order number 42,one of the Numbers.

#15 The Island in the Office

In Dr. Brooks’ office, there’s a picture of an Island, much like the Island Hurley was on in the original timeline.

#14 The Island on the Blackboard

In the room of patients at Santa Rosa, there is also an island drawn on the blackboard, complete with a shark in the water like the DHARMA shark from the original Island.

#13 Connect Four

A patient plays Connect Four at Santa Rosa, a game Hurley played in the original timeline with both Leonard Simms and

#12 The Picnic Date

Before Libby died, she and Hurley planned their first real date as a picnic on the beach. In the altverse, this was their first date.

#11 Desmond’s Son

Desmond tells Ben that his son is named Charlie in the altverse. In the original timeline, this was Desmond’s son’s name, a possible hint that Desmond in the altverse has all his memories from the original timeline.

#10 License Plates

The license plates on Desmond’s car in the altverse change between the time he drives away from Hugo and Libby on the beach (4PCI264) and the time he runs over Locke (2FAN321), either a continuity error or a sign that he changed the plates to avoid being identified as the man who drove into Locke.

#9 Dr. Brooks

If you’d forgotten, Dr. Brooks was also in charge of Santa Rosa when Hurley was there in the original timeline in the episode “Dave.”

#8 The Exploding Human

Ilana explodes while handling dynamite from the Black Rock the same way Leslie Arzt did at the end of season 1.

#7 Notes from Underground

After Ilana explodes, Hurley finds a copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’sNotes from Underground, a novel whose themes echo the series, as it is about free will and about the fact that determinism or fate is not valid because people can sometimes to things without reason or purpose just to prove that they have free will, as when Hurley later goes to see Flocke just to prove he can.

#6 The Diamonds

Hurley also finds the bag of diamonds originally stolen by Nikki and Paulo that Miles dug up and took.

#5 What is the Island?

Richard asks Hurley to prove he’s talking to Jacob by revealing what he compared the Island to. Richard is referring to the scene in “Ab Aeterno” when Jacob described the Island as a cork keeping Hell (or the wine) in the bottle.

#4 The Boy in the Jungle

The boy in the jungle was the same one who haunted Flocke in “The Substitute.” His smile to Desmond suggests he either knows Desmond or the two are on the same side.

#3 The Whispers

Hurley finally reveals a longstanding question about the Whispers, describing them as noises from dead people who’ve done bad things and are unable to move on, suggesting that the Island may actually be a type of limbo.

#2 The Well

Flocke throws Desmond into a well. This well is similar to the one outside of the Orchid Station that John Locke descended into to find the frozen donkey wheel that moved the Island.

#1 “Everybody Loves/Hates Hugo”

Much like how “What Kate Does” was similar to a season 2 episode title, “What Kate Did,” the title of this episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo,” mimics the format of the season 2 episode “Everybody Hates Hugo.”

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