I have to wonder if every episode of This Is Us will have a shocking ending. So far, in season 1, each episode has had some sort of twist that leaves you with a lot of questions for a heartfelt drama. In this episode, “The Big Three,” Jack and Rebecca struggle to work through issues while raising the twins and Randall. Toby wants to move his and Kate’s relationship along, while Kate continuously focuses on her weight. Kevin is worried about his next career move. And Beth questions William’s motives as he stays with the family.

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Sometime in 1988

The year the kids were 8, Rebecca seems to have her hands full, while Jack drinks his troubles away at the bar. Rebecca tries to manage keeping Kate’s eating habits healthy while trying to keep the peace between Kevin and Randall, who is getting made fun of at school. When Jack is at home, he’s on point, even creating a fun family chant called The Big Three. However, Rebecca is concerned because he keeps getting home later and later.

It takes a chat with his buddy Miguel to really open his eyes — or at least hopefully open his eyes. Miguel tells Jack that he’s incredibly lucky to have a woman like Rebecca, that she’s way out of his league, and that he better wake up and fix things before she realizes that. Miguel later leaves a message for Jack at his office apologizing if he overstepped.

Later that night, a drunk Jack comes home with jewelry as a peace offering. Rebecca asks Jack to rate their parenting on a scale from one to 10. She says she feels they are at a six but then backtracks and says he’s at a six, but she’s at a nine. However, she does feel that when he’s actually home and not drunk, he’s a 10. She wants him to stop bringing alcohol into her home.

He sleeps outside their bedroom door all night. In the morning, he apologizes, says he’s going to stop drinking and they make up. She opens the necklace, which is a moon, referencing their favorite song.

Can It Be More Than Just the Weight?

Kate is having a very hard time in her weight battle. She’s frustrated that Toby seems to be losing weight quicker than her. He, of course, always jokes around to lighten the mood. At one of their weight loss meetings, Kate flips out at some of the members, and Toby asks what’s up. She explains that she’s just frustrated and always has been, and is worried about a Hollywood party her brother Kevin invited her to. Toby says that he wants to go, but she doesn’t. Finally, he has a heart-to-heart with her and says he wants to keep moving their relationship along but doesn’t want it to be solely about weight. He wants them to just go out and have fun like normal couples. She finally agrees to go the party.

At the party, Toby drags her to the dance floor, but all she sees are people laughing at them. Toby gets her drunk so she can let loose, which she does. As the buzz wears off, Kate explains that it will always be about the weight for her. Toby says he understands.

Career on the Line

Kevin goes to see his agent, Lanie, who is not very happy with his behavior. She explains that the network owns him, as he has a two-year contract that is iron-clad. If he decides to break it, he basically won’t be able to work in Hollywood for a very long time, if at all. She tells him he has to attend a party she’s throwing and apologize for his behavior to the network head and beg for his job back.

Kate suggests that Kevin go to the party and tell the network heads, “Manny out.” He thinks this is a great idea. However, when he gets to the party, he’s more honest with the network head. He asks if they can just part ways amicably. The network head explains that he wants to coast through the next two years before his retirement, and he can’t do that if the lead on one of his shows walks out. He then threatens to ruin Kevin’s career. A scared Kevin walks away to check on Kate.

After a heart-to-heart with Randall and a quick Big Three chant with his siblings, Kevin goes back to the network head and says, “Manny out.” He then tells Kate and Toby that he’s going to move to New York and do theatre.

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Questions Surround William

After a few days of sleeping in their daughter’s room, Beth asks Randall just how long William is going to stay with them. She questions his motives and if what William has told them is true. Randall says he wants to at least take William to a doctor’s appointment to find out just how far along his cancer is.

The next day, William says that if he’s outstaying his welcome to let him know, but Randall insists it’s not a problem. William then asks Randall for some bus money. He comes back very late that day and heads to bed. Beth later asks William if they can talk. She explains that Randall is a very driven man, and eight years ago he worked himself so hard that he literally couldn’t see. Eventually, he came back, but Beth worries that because of his kindness, he sometimes doesn’t see the big picture. She then grills William on his whereabouts, if he’s using again and if he’s really sick. When he asks again if he’s outstaying his welcome, she starts to say yes when Randall walks in. William then explains that he’s been traveling home to Philadelphia every day to take care of his cat. He didn’t want to tell them because he didn’t want to bring the cat there and take advantage even more because he likes staying there. Beth says she feels like a fool.

The next day, Beth smiles as William joins in the family routine when there’s a knock at the door. The kids run to the door and yell out, “Grandma and Grandpa are here.” William makes himself scarce, as Randall says hello to Mom/Rebecca and Miguel!

Another Twist

So we know that Jack is an alcoholic. We know that Kate has always struggled with her weight, even as a child. We know that Kevin was not a very nice brother to Randall. And now we know that Rebecca eventually ends up with Jack’s friend, Miguel. What is going on on, This Is Us?

After the series premiere reveal that the show will essentially flip back and forth between the past and present, the reveal this time is pretty shocking too. What happens to Jack? Is he dead? If so, how did he die? Or did he and Rebecca break up? Present-day Rebecca (a Mandy Moore in really good make-up, if you were wondering) is wearing the moon necklace Jack gave her, so I have hope that he dies at some point instead of leaving her. I guess it’s cool that Miguel might have taken care of her. But then again, maybe they had an affair and that drove Jack to his death.

And I’m curious about what will happen if Rebecca and Miguel find out about William.

So many questions for a family drama! I kind of like it.

What did you think of “The Big Three”? Do you think Jack dies at some point? Or do you think they just had a falling-out because of his drinking? Or maybe it’s something completely different. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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