The core cast of characters has been the focus of Grey’s Anatomy lately. And while that will continue (including the return of Arizona), a big car accident will also take center stage in season 13, episode 3, titled “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.”

The official episode description from ABC says, “A car crash at a funeral brings a bickering family into the hospital. Back from New York, Arizona ends up caught between Alex and Andrew. While Ben takes on a new parenting role, Amelia helps Meredith and Maggie through a problem.”

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Here are photos from this episode of Grey’s Anatomy:

The Doctors Help Victims from a Car Crash


A Bickering Family Invade the Hospital


Bailey Springs into Action


What is Ben’s New Parental Role?


Is Webber Called in Unexpectedly?


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Webber Scrubs In


Can Amelia Help Meredith and Maggie Work Through Their Issues?


Nathan Riggs


Meredith Grey


What is Going on with Meredith and Riggs?


Does the episode description intrigue you? Do you think Amelia will be able to help Meredith and Maggie work through their issues? And what exactly is Ben’s new parenting role?

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